19 June 2006

Enhanced Video-on-demand options and a la carte packages in the pipeline

Singapore, 19 June 2006 – StarHub announced today that it will team with Nagravision S.A. to utilise the latter’s advanced Conditional Access capabilities to expand its array of services for its customers in Singapore.  The arrangement with Nagravision will allow StarHub to offer a wide range of services including expanded video-on-demand and a la carte packaging for its cable TV offerings. With a la carte packaging, consumers can choose to subscribe to individual channels or create personalised packages of channels, instead of a pre-determined group of channels. The pay-TV operator is now in talks with Nagravision S.A. to utilise the latter’s advanced Conditional Access capabilities to bring these advanced capabilities to Singapore.

“StarHub’s plans are to expand its choices to customers, including a variety of video-on demand services as well as a la carte cable TV packaging.  This is in line with our philosophy of giving customers more choice and flexibility in the 'what' and 'when' of their TV viewing. We already have one of the most flexible packaging options in the world, but we will continue to build on our variety of attractive packages to cater to the unique and changing needs of our customers,” said Mr Mike Reynolds, StarHub's Head of Integrated Products and Marketing.

This latest development is part of StarHub’s continuing efforts to give customers more control and flexibility over their viewing choices and times. StarHub has pledged to offer a variety of services that give customers maximum flexibility to choose what they want and when they want to watch it, so that TV viewing will be personalised for each individual. 

StarHub has very recently made known its plans to introduce more features, such as Video-On-Demand and Chat, to its newly-launched Smart TV service in the near future. The pay-TV operator is also working on a flexible new service, FlexiWatch, that is similar to the FlexiSurf package that its MaxOnline customers are presently enjoying. FlexiSurf allows StarHub's online users to pay a smaller pre-paid fee for broadband access over a short period, ranging from three to 25 days. Once launched, StarHub’s FlexiWatch service will offer similar options for cable TV, and once again place StarHub amongst the first in the world to offer a radical and innovative departure from the way cable TV is traditionally packaged. 

“StarHub was the pioneer in offering customers the freedom to form their own basic tiers by selecting at least three out of six genre-based Basic Groups. This innovative packaging has enabled Singapore viewers to enjoy cable TV from as low as $22 monthly. StarHub’s cable TV packaging differs from the typical one-size-fit-all basic tier packaging offered by most pay-TV operators in the world. Going further to offer an a la carte cable TV packaging is indeed another big leap forward in offering customers more choice and flexibility,” said Mr Peter Iannazzo, General Manager of Nagravision (Asia Pacific).

“We enjoy a long term and strong partnership with Nagravision and are certainly looking forward to this deeper level of engagement in the exciting times ahead. Likewise, we would also like to take the opportunity of the coming BroadcastAsia event in Singapore to seek more technological partners like Nagravision, to work with us on the introduction of new platforms so that we can continue to offer even more innovations to our range of products and services,” added Mr Reynolds.