04 April 2007

Singapore, 4 April 2007 - StarHub today announced the launch of Call2Meet, a multi-party mobile call service targeted at business customers in Singapore. Call2Meet allows a user to initiate a group conversation with their colleagues and contacts on a one-to-many basis via their mobile phone with one quick and easy-to-use interface. The service is operator-neutral and open to corporate customers based in Singapore.

With Call2Meet, users need not pre-arrange conference calls using dial-up numbers, Personal Identification Number (PIN), voice prompts and so on. Instead, users can initiate a conference call instantly on their Call2Meet-enabled mobile phone by selecting pre-set call groups or any number of individuals from their contact list and simply press 'call' to connect to all selected parties automatically. Call2Meet connects users to all their call parties - on fixed or mobile lines - locally or overseas. Furthermore, all phone conversations conducted over Call2Meet can be recorded and retrieved as audio files which are useful for secretarial, financial or legal professionals who require archived references.

"Delivering customer convenience is one of the primary goals we have in developing new products and services. With Call2Meet, customers will be impressed with the ease in which group conference meetings can be made with a single call," said Mr Mike Reynolds, Head of Integrated Products and Marketing, StarHub.

More importantly, Call2Meet users who roam overseas may save on corporate IDD call charges when calling back to Singapore, benefiting from savings of 50% or more. For example, a roaming IDD call from Hong Kong to Singapore which would cost about S$2.59 per minute would cost less than a dollar a minute to Call2Meet users.

StarHub's Call2Meet is easy to use and does not require any pass code or complicated set-up for users to make calls. All it takes is for the Call2Meet application to be downloaded wirelessly to their mobile phone and they are ready to go. From a single user interface on their mobile phone, they can access all the Call2Meet services. For added convenience, users can even access a personal online account to monitor usage and billing, retrieve call recordings and set-up call groups at any time.

Currently, the BlackBerry® 7100, 7230, 7290, 8700, 8800 and PEARL series are supported. In addition, Nokia's Symbian mobile phones will also be able to use the Call2Meet service.

Registration for the service is S$100 per business account. Monthly charges are usage-based. Interested customers can contact StarHub's Business Hotline at 1-800 888 8888 or email business@starhub.com.