17 August 2007

Programmes on Playhouse Disney help children develop skill sets that include daily living, early academic learning, thinking, imagination and self expression, social and motor skills

Singapore , 17 August 2007 – StarHub Digital Cable will run a free preview of Asia ’s first preschool channel, Playhouse Disney (Channel 34) from 1 September to 5 September 2007, for all StarHub Digital Cable customers! During this period, StarHub Digital Cable customers can enjoy the programmes on the channel, simply by tuning in to StarHub’s Preview Channel, Channel 01.

Playhouse Disney is a commercial-free, fun and dedicated kids’ destination filled with wholesomeness, imagination and optimism, and is loved and trusted by parents and kids worldwide. The award-winning preschool programmes are created to stimulate kids’ mental, physical and social development, and entertain them by encouraging imagination and creativity.

The free preview will showcase some of the most popular and beloved characters on the channel, that help preschoolers learn through adventures that are grounded in theme-based initiatives such as friendship and bravery.

During the free preview, kids will be able to enjoy an entertaining line-up of programmes on the morning of 1 September, centred around the theme of ‘hiccups’! These include “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”, which sees Donald getting the hiccups and spreading it to the rest of the Sensational Six; “My Friends Tigger and Pooh”, where the Super Sleuths are called in to find a cure for Tigger’s hiccups; “Little Einsteins”, where Rocket ropes in help to get rid of his hiccups before a big race; “Higglytown Heroes”, where Wayne gets a bad case of the hiccups during a ski trip; “Johnny and the Sprites”, where little Root gets the da-doots, a Sprite’s equivalent of the hiccups, and his da-dooting helps Johnny finish a song that celebrates what’s nice about surprises; and “JoJo’s Circus”, that sees everybody helping Skeebo quell his hiccups so that he can perform a ventriloquist act.

With programmes that combine music, puppetry, animation, CGI and live action, preschoolers can revel in the enchanting world of Playhouse Disney, and at the same time, gain knowledge and skills. The programmes on Playhouse Disney are based on the “Whole Child Curriculum”, with a holistic view towards promoting early childhood learning.

StarHub and Playhouse Disney also have some fantastic gifts lined up for customers! Residential customers of StarHub Digital Cable who sign up for Playhouse Disney by calling 1630 or 1633 from 1 September to 5 September will receive a free ‘My Friends Tigger & Pooh’ sleeping bag, while stocks last. Offer terms and conditions apply.

Parents can let their preschoolers imagine and learn with Playhouse Disney for just $4 ($4.28 with GST) per month, upon subscription of three StarHub Digital Cable Basic Groups.