29 August 2007

Singapore, 29 August 2007 – StarHub is glad to announce that we will be offering a 24-months free subscription of two channels – Discovery Channel and Bloomberg Television to all public schools in Singapore.

This initiative is StarHub’s way of contributing to the education of the young in Singapore and to make learning come alive for them, by creating a stimulating learning experience, and taking their learning beyond textbooks.

Patrick Lim, StarHub’s Vice President of Cable TV Services said, "As a socially responsible company, StarHub recognises the importance of giving back to the society and nurturing of our future generation, as well as providing them with a more creative and flexible learning environment. In this initiative, we are glad to introduce Discovery Channel and Bloomberg Television to schools. The programmes on these channels will give students an exposure to knowledge that may not be available in the school curriculum."

Discovery Channel showcases a variety of documentaries that explore the diversity of the world in a compelling, entertaining and inspiring way, while Bloomberg Television provides an insight into the financial world through its unique blend of local, regional and international financial news and programmes to local students.

Examples of programmes that the students would be able to enjoy include Bloomberg Television’s "A Greener Asia", which talks about how businesses respond to environmental challenges, and Discovery Channel’s "Man vs Wild" and "Man-made Marvels", which explores wilderness survival and introduces the most magnificent buildings in the world respectively.

To receive these two channels, the schools simply need to set-up their infrastructure to receive Digital Terrestrial Television signals, which may include an antenna, TV points and internal cabling.