Singapore, 23 February 2007 - Fans of horror flicks are in for a thrilling treat! Following the success of “Passionate Affairs” pass, StarHub’s Demand TV is offering a new Demand TV season pass - “Zombie Fest” pass!

“Zombie Fest” pays tribute to horror filmmakers by bringing you three zombie-themed horror films, including award-winning film Dead and Breakfast. The show is about three couples who stopped en route to a wedding at a bed and breakfast. Horror begins when the inn owner and chef dies, and the town folks become possessed by an evil spirit and start to pin down the couples at the bed and breakfast. The film stars gorgeous Portia de Rossi (from Ally McBeal) and Jeremy Sisto (from Six Feet Under). It won the Best Feature Film award at the San Francisco Horrorfest in 2004.

Two other zombie-themed films that are available on Demand TV, as part of “Zombie Fest”, are Clive Barker’s The Plague and House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim. Clive Barker’s The Plague shows how comatose kids turn into zombies and wage a battle against adults, while in House of the Dead 2, government operatives are sent to investigate a horrible plague that turns college girls into flesh-eating zombies. This sequel to the adaptation of the Sega Game promises more blasting action! Both Dead and Breakfast and House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim are rated 18, and Clive Barker’s The Plague is rated 16. All three movies will be aired via StarHub Digital Cable channels 120 to 124.

Viewers can watch all three horror films multiple times from 5 to 18 March 2007, simply by calling 1800 8233838 from 26 February to 18 March 2007, to purchase the “Zombie Fest” Pass. At a one-off fee of $12.60 (with GST), the Pass gives fans of the movies more value for their money, as each of these movies are separately priced at $5.25 (with GST) for a one-time viewing.

As Demand TV is available to StarHub's cable TV customers only, those interested in the service must take up a minimum of three StarHub Digital Cable Basic Groups.