Singapore, 26 February 2007 - StarHub today announces the launch of ‘Online Storage – Business’ (OSB), a business solution that will allow users to transfer, share and store digital information seamlessly over the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

Targeted at companies and individuals that need to manage numerous large documents and files on a daily basis, StarHub’s OSB lets customers store and back up files safely, send and share information effortlessly and allow multiple users to access documents from their notebook or PC on-the-go, be it text, graphics, presentations, video, voice or any other digital media. Equipped with intuitive file management tools, and an industry-standard 128-bit 3DES encryption system, OSB gives users the power to transfer multiple files concurrently, use reporting tools to track and manage file transfers, and even pause and resume partially sent files.

In addition, with OSB’s unique technology, there is only one copy of any given file residing in the network that is being shared across multiple users, ensuring a high-level of efficiency in the usage of network storage resources, as well as data consistency of the shared file.

Said Mr Thomas Ee, Head of Cable, Fixed and IP Services, StarHub, "Digital storage demands are always going up, with graphic and video files getting larger, and the archival of digital documents becoming critical. In a world where corporate employees become more mobile, companies require a comprehensive and secure online storage system that will allow their users to access and share up-to-date files quickly and easily. OSB is our 'online warehousing' solution to meet these demands."

Price packages for OSB starts as low as S$60 per month for 10GB storage space and five User IDs, and can scale to as high as 2TB (i.e. 2000GB) and up to 1000 User IDs.

OSB is an open standard-based programme designed to work on Windows-based computers. All that is needed is a TCP/IP-compliant network. The solution leverages a combination of secured file transfer technologies, centralised data storage systems, message notification, encryption and client-server synchronisation to transfer files through a secured medium and provide online storage for files of any size.

In future, StarHub’s OSB storage and file transfer solution will be extended to smart phones or other wireless devices.

The OSB service was made possible through a close collaboration with LiveCargo, the company behind mobile productivity tools that give people access to their information from their smart phones and other devices.

Interested parties can contact StarHub’s Business Hotline at 1800 888 8888. For more information, visit