20 July 2007

- Customers can enjoy HubStation benefits simply by purchasing the device-

Singapore , 20 July 2007 – Imagine a device that allows you to control ‘live’ TV, surf the Internet and chat with your friends over the telephone simultaneously. This will soon become a reality as come 23 July 2007, StarHub will launch HubStation, an integrated device that enables consumers to watch, surf and talk, all at the same time!   With HubStation, consumers can enjoy the capabilities of a digital video recorder with full Smart TV recording features for StarHub Digital Cable and Free-to-Air channels, free broadband Internet of up to 1000kbps, and access to StarHub’s Digital Voice Travel/FlexiTalk service.

“We are very excited with the launch of our true hubbing box - HubStation, which not only allows you to record your favourite TV shows with one-touch recording via Smart TV, but also comes with free broadband and access to StarHub’s voice services as well. With 98 quality international and regional channels to choose from, HubStation users not only have the best content choices but very soon, they can surf for free and talk to their hearts’ content through HubStation too! HubStation is a further testimony of our continuous efforts to converge our services, to give more value and convenience to our customers,” said Mr Thomas Ee, StarHub's Senior Vice President of Cable, Fixed & IP Services.


Smart TV, a service commercially launched by StarHub for its cable TV customers on 15 May 2006, will be a feature of the HubStation device from 23 July 2007. Giving users the ability to pause and replay ‘live’ TV broadcast, the Smart TV feature also provides the convenience of one-touch recording via the On-screen TV Guide. The On-screen TV Guide that StarHub Digital Cable customers enjoy today offers instant access to a three-day TV schedule with telecast details and programme synopses. In addition, they can also organise their recorded content into different folders for easy retrieval, and bookmark a specific segment within a programme where they would like to continue for their next viewing.

Existing customers who have the Smart TV Digital Video Recorder set-top box will be converted automatically to HubStation users to enjoy the full HubStation benefits. To reward its existing Smart TV customers and to give added incentive to new HubStation customers, StarHub has removed the $5 (before GST) Smart TV monthly service fee since 1 April 2007.


All HubStation users can enjoy SurfLite1000 - broadband Internet access of up to 1000kbps download speed and 256kbps upload speed! What’s more, SurfLite1000 will be available free-of-charge to all HubStation users until end 2008!  

“HubStation customers will welcome the free broadband Internet access which gives them substantial cost savings, as an equivalent broadband Internet access package offered by another provider may cost them about $30 per month,“ said Mr Ee.

HubStation is Singapore’s first two-way box that enables interactivity. In addition to a hard-disk recording capacity, it also has an inbuilt DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem. Users simply need to connect the HubStation directly to a personal computer or wireless router via the Ethernet port located at the back of the device to enjoy instant and free broadband access.


HubStation also supports StarHub’s Digital Voice Travel and Digital Voice FlexiTalk services. Digital Voice Travel customers can make local calls by connecting a portable Integrated Access Device (IAD) and a phone to the HubStation device. StarHub’s Digital Voice Travel service subscription is at $9.80 (before GST) per month, and customers can call any Singapore-registered number at no extra charge from now till end 2008.   Digital Voice FlexiTalk is a pay-as-you-use service where users can call any Singapore-registered number for just three cents per minute.

HubStation benefits for non-StarHub Digital Cable customers too

The unique features of HubStation are available to anyone who purchases the HubStation device. HubStation customers who do not subscribe to StarHub’s cable TV service can also enjoy free SurfLite1000 until end 2008, and HubStation features such as controlling ‘live’ TV, hard-disk recording capacity of up to 60 hours and instant recording. They can also choose to access StarHub’s Digital Voice Travel or Digital Voice FlexiTalk through HubStation by subscribing to either service.

In addition to the local Free-To-Air channels, non-cable TV customers can also access four international and regional channels for free via HubStation. The channels are Australia Network (an Australian channel), Deutsche Welle (German), KBS World (Korean) and TVRI (Bahasa Indonesia) [1]

“With a hard-disk recording capacity of up to 60 hours and the Smart TV full recording features, non-cable TV customers can soon have control over their TV viewing schedules too,” added Mr Ee. “We are confident that HubStation will be a good vehicle to help us reach out to those who have yet to take on a cable TV package. We hope that when non-cable customers experience our quality service and content, they will be encouraged to hop onboard the cable TV bandwagon for more.”

Distribution Channels

HubStation will be sold at all six StarHub Shops [2] and 56 Exclusive Partners outlets from 23 July 2007.

Customers who are interested in the HubStation can purchase the device without contract at $560 (before GST). Those who are interested to purchase HubStation with a 24-month cable TV contract can own the device at a special price of $285 (before GST).

For more information, visit www.hubstation.com.sg.




[1] StarHub’s cable TV customers using the digital set-top box, HD set-top box or HubStation can also enjoy TV5MONDE, in addition to these four free channels.

[2]For list of StarHub Shops, refer to www.starhub.com/contactus.