29 June 2007

Singapore, 29 June 2007 – StarHub has treated some underprivileged children and youths to their first taste of golf today.  From four voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) – Moral EIPIC Centre, Moral Family Service Centre (Bukit Panjang), Moral Home for Disabled and Tanjong Pagar Family Service Centre, 20 children and youths learnt how to golf, at the annual StarHub Golf Invitational 2007, which was also attended by over 130 of StarHub’s corporate customers and its partners.

The children and youths were introduced to the different types of golf clubs and learnt golf basics like putting and chipping, golf safety and etiquette.  Most of them were swinging the golf club for the first time today.

In addition to bringing the children and youths a fun-filled day of golf, StarHub also donated S$200,000 from its StarHub Sparks Fund, to the four VWOs during the event.  The donation will benefit a total of 3,300 children and youths, to provide a wide range of free services including tuition, counseling, share sessions, talks and workshops.

“We are thrilled to organise our StarHub Golf Invitational for the fifth year, to thank our corporate customers for their ardent support.  We are grateful that our customers have chosen StarHub as their preferred info-communications partner as we are able to understand, anticipate and deliver effective business solutions for their business success.  We are also delighted to expose the underprivileged children from the less fortunate stratum of our society to golf today and hopefully help to develop their interest in this sporting activity,” said Mr Alex Siow, Head of Corporate Sales, StarHub.

StarHub selected the four VWOs as they focus on the learning and development opportunities for underprivileged children and youths.

The Moral EIPIC Centre provides an array of therapeutic and social services to the families of young children with developmental concerns like physical disabilities or mental condition. Their Early Intervention Programme is a preventive service to offer home-based family centered or centre based group therapies and support interventions.

The Moral Family Service Centre (Bukit Panjang) provides a range of community-based social services catering to the needs of children, youth and families.  Apart from casework and counselling, the Centre also

provides lifeskills and literacy support activities for children, a drop-in programme for youth, home management skills workshops and support groups for parents.  It also runs a student care centre that caters to the child-care needs of families with children in primary school.

The Moral Home for Disabled helps intellectually disabled children and youth, in particularly those without parental support or those whose parents are unable to support them. The Home provides comprehensive education, including tuition and workshops, to help the children integrate better in the society.

The Tanjong Pagar Family Service Centre provides counseling to individuals and families with personal or family difficulties.  They also provide specialised programmes on pregnancy support, problem gambling, marital breakdown, educational and enrichment programmes for children and youths and help families to apply for financial and legal aid assistance.

Since StarHub was established in 2000, it has donated over S$3 million dollars to help the needy.  It has helped to provide experiential benefits for the less fortunate, as well as widen their opportunities in life.  They are particularly keen to promote learning to bring about more life enrichment and greater empowerment for those who have special needs or learning disabilities.