22 November 2007

Two ‘live’ Premier League matches per match-week, and up to 92 matches this season in high-definition

Singapore, 22 November 2007 – StarHub takes the sports-viewing experience in Singapore to an unprecedented level, announcing today that it will offer selected 2007/2008 Premier League matches ‘live’ in full high-definition (HD) glory on a new HD channel - HD SHOWCASE (Channel 303).

Subscribers of HD SHOWCASE will enjoy at least two ‘live’ Premier League matches per match-week, and up to 92 matches for the current Premier League season. In addition to Premier League programming, viewers of HD SHOWCASE can look forward to more HD content from a variety of genres in future.

Mr Patrick Lim, StarHub’s Vice President of Cable TV Services said, “We remain committed to deliver the best TV-viewing experience possible to our customers. Based on the very positive feedback we received regarding our trial HD broadcast of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, we are confident that HD SHOWCASE will be popular among soccer buffs who want an even more immersive experience of the Barclays Premier League.”

HD SHOWCASE will be added at no additional charge to StarHub Digital Cable’s HD Plus package from 24 November 2007. HD Plus is priced at $15 ($16.05 with 7% GST) monthly, and currently comprises two HD channels – Discovery HD (Channel 302) and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL HD (Channel 301).

High-definition television (HDTV) offers viewers a true cinematic experience at home, with four times picture clarity and more realistic sound quality. Also, as HD content is filmed on a widescreen 16:9 ratio format compared to the traditional 4:3 ratio format, viewers will have a panoramic widescreen view with up to 33 percent more screen-view compared to what they can enjoy on a standard TV screen.

Mr Lim added, “While we’re pleased with the consumer reception towards our existing HD channels, we are of the view that a diversity of HD content will drive greater acceptance of HD technology. The Premier League is one of our most popular sports properties, and we hope that the availability of HD Premier League content via HD SHOWCASE will be an added incentive for TV viewers to jump onto the HD bandwagon.”

Customers must own StarHub’s HD set-top box and a HD-ready TV set, and subscribe to a minimum of three Basic Groups and HD Plus, in order to enjoy StarHub’s HDTV service. The HD set-top box is available for purchase at $285 ($304.95 with 7% GST), or at a promotional price of $95 ($101.65 with 7% GST) for those who sign on a 12-month StarHub Digital Cable contract.

In addition to an enhanced audio and visual experience, customers using the HD set-top box enjoy all innovative features that users of StarHub’s digital set-top box currently have access to. These include the On-screen TV Guide, Programme Alert, Auto-Tune, Video Mosaic, Info Bar, Quick Surf, Chat, access to Demand TV, and complimentary games.

Viewers can refer to the On-screen TV Guide or StarHub’s Online Programme Guide for the schedules of HD SHOWCASE. Existing StarHub Digital Cable customers can call 1633 to subscribe to StarHub’s HDTV services, while new customers who wish to subscribe to StarHub Digital Cable can call 1630.