25 April 2009

Digital solutions made simpler

Singapore, 25 April 2009 – Starting today, StarHub customers no longer have to visit a StarHub shop if they wish to purchase or find out more about StarHub’s services. With the newly launched Hub Cruiser and Hub Troopers services, StarHub will be bringing its services closer to the customers’ doorsteps, making digital life easier and simpler for them. 

The Hub Cruiser is a specially-built truck that travels around Singapore to showcase StarHub’s services and the benefits of having a digital lifestyle at home. The Hub Troopers, on the other hand, is an elite team of highly trained digital experts from StarHub who travel to customers’ homes to help them build a digital home network so that they can enjoy the benefits of a digital lifestyle.

This morning, to signify StarHub’s commitment in bringing products and services closer to its customers, about 80 StarHub employees including the Hub Troopers came together to transport a gigantic green ball from the StarHub shop located at IMM to StarHub’s roadshow held at West Mall.

StarHub’s Chief Operating Officer Mr Tan Tong Hai, who was present to give the green ball a final push, marked the launch of both Hub Cruiser and Hub Troopers. He said, "We value our customers and we know that time is precious to them. Instead of asking our customers to come to us, we are going to them directly to let them feel and experience our services. Hub Cruiser will serve as a mobile showcase for all our services and digital lifestyle solutions while Hub Troopers will provide the necessary support to make it easier for our customers to enjoy them."

During weekends, Hub Cruiser will enter the heartlands to offer StarHub’s residential services - StarHub Mobile, StarHub TV, MaxOnline and Digital Voice. If customers are interested in any of StarHub’s residential plans, they can seal a deal at the Hub Cruiser immediately, saving the hassle of travelling to a retail shop. Subsequently, the Hub Cruiser will also travel to youth campuses and industrial estates to reach out to students and Small-Medium Enterprises respectively.

Digital solutions are also made easier with the Hub Troopers as customers can now build a digital home network and enjoy digital lifestyle with just one phone call! Hub Troopers is pleased to team with Cisco to bring digital lifestyle solutions to StarHub customers through  Cisco's home networking products, such as the Linksys by Cisco Media Hub, Internet Home Monitoring Camera, and Simultaneous Dual-N Band Router which are all about enabling people to live a connected life that is more personal, more social and more visual. When contacted, the Hub Troopers will provide the customers with consultation services, assist them with the installation and configuration of devices, and educate them on the benefit of a digital home network. One of the benefits of having a digital home network include the sharing, storing and streaming of digital content such as photos, music and movies seamlessly. For instance, customers can now view the pictures or videos they have taken with a digital camera via different digital products like TV or laptop anywhere just by retrieving the data from a common digital library.

Hub Troopers services are currently exclusively available to StarHub MaxOnline customers. Customers who wish to engage the Hub Troopers services can call its toll-free 24-hour services hotline at 1800-333-8888. To celebrate the launch of the Hub Troopers, customers can enjoy 10% off if they engage the Hub Troopers services today and tomorrow (25 and 26 April) at the StarHub roadshow held at West Mall. The public can visit www.starhub.com/hubtroopers for more information on Hub Troopers services, or refer to the retail advertisements to find out Hub Cruiser’s next stopover location.

- End -