27 March 2009

- Be the first in Asia-Pacific to experience true mobile broadband connectivity -

Singapore, 27 March 2009 – StarHub, in partnership with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. (“Huawei”), today announces the launch of StarHub's HSPA+ network in Singapore.

This announcement makes StarHub the first operator in Asia-Pacific to have a mobile broadband network capable of speeds of up to 21Mbps.  StarHub’s customers will be among the first in the world to experience the fastest mobile broadband speed and superior services than anytime previously through its HSPA+ network and devices provided by Huawei.

Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of StarHub’s Personal Solutions and Advanced Multimedia Services, said: “Today will be a milestone in the mobile broadband industry as StarHub's HSPA+, the fastest mobile broadband network that delivers speeds of up to 21Mbps, would enable us to offer even better customer experience such as faster response time for high-definition video streaming, high-speed web surfing, web conferencing and other next-generation wireless applications with high bandwidth requirements.”

“The launch of the first HSPA+ network in Asia-Pacific represents a major milestone for the mobile broadband industry,” said Mr Wan Biao, President of Huawei’s Wireless Product Line. “Huawei is delighted to have played a vital role in this endeavour. By leveraging our leading technology and abundant network deployment experience worldwide, Huawei will continuously drive the development of the mobile broadband industry forward and bring sustainable business success to our clients.”

HSPA+ increases StarHub’s mobile broadband network capacity to support speeds of up to 21Mbps, from 14.4Mbps previously.

In May 2008, StarHub appointed Huawei to expand and upgrade its nationwide 3.5G mobile broadband network to HSPA+. The HSPA+ service launch is part of StarHub’s overall strategy to provide an unparalleled mobile broadband experience that can deliver better surfing experience, higher resolution on streamed mobile content, improved interactivity and other next-generation wireless applications with high bandwidth requirements.

Pilot testing of Asia-Pacific’s fastest mobile broadband service in Singapore

To commemorate this milestone in the mobile broadband industry, StarHub is offering 100 customers the chance to pilot test Asia-Pacific’s fastest mobile broadband service in Singapore.

All they need to do is to register online or a chance to be selected as the pioneer mobile broadband user of StarHub’s HSPA+ service.

Don’t miss this chance to experience first-hand the excitement and enhanced experience that StarHub’s HSPA+ service will bring you in Internet access on the go!

Note: Speeds represent theoretical peak speeds. Actual experience may vary due to network configuration, hardware, software, local conditions and other factors.