07 May 2009
  • Net Profit After Tax Increased 3% To S$82 Million
  • EBITDA Remained Stable At S$168 Million
  • EPS Grew 3% To 4.8 Cents Per Share
  • FCF Per Diluted Share Increased 5.0 Cents To 6.7 Cents
  • Interim Quarterly Dividend Of 4.5 Cents Per Share

Singapore, 7 May 2009 – In the quarter, net profit after tax increased 3% to S$82 million on the back of S$531 million revenue. The Group’s EBITDA at S$168 million is 33% of service revenue. Profit before taxation was 1% higher at S$101 million year-on-year (YoY). Free cash flow at S$115 million was 277% higher compared to last year’s S$31 million. Capital expenditure was 14% lower at S$51million compared to the same period last year.

Financial Highlights


S$ million

Quarter ended

31 March



% Change

Total Revenue




Service Revenue








Profit before tax




Profit after tax




EPS (Diluted) (Cents)




FCF / Share (Diluted) (Cents)




1Q-2009 Financial & Business Highlights

YoY, Fixed Network revenue registered the highest growth for the quarter at 9%. This was followed by Pay TV at 5%. Mobile and Broadband revenues both registered a decrease of 3% each. In terms of total revenue mix, Mobile continued to be the major contributor at 50%. Pay TV, Broadband, Fixed Network Services and Sales of Equipment contributed 19%, 12%, 15% and 4% respectively to the revenue mix.

  • Mobile revenue decreased 3% to S$265 million. Although the customer base grew 1% to 1.82 million, lower voice usage, IDD and outbound roaming services contributed to the decline in revenue. YoY, post-paid mobile services revenue fell 5% to S$200 million, accounting for 76% of the Mobile revenue mix. Pre-paid mobile services revenue expanded 3% to S$64 million. Before adjustments in 1Q2008, post-paid ARPU contracted S$9 to S$67; partly contributed by a higher mix of customers on the discounted MaxMobile Data plans, while pre-paid ARPU grew S$2 to S$24; driven by higher voice and data usages.
  • Pay TV revenue expanded 5% to S$102 million, in part due to a 2% growth in ARPU to S$58. Customer base increased 4% to 527,000. Digital customers now constitute 98% of the total pay TV customer base.
  • Broadband revenue slipped 3% to S$62 million compared to a year ago. The MaxOnline customer base increased 9%, ending the quarter with 383,000. As a result of more customers opting for subscription discounts and signing up for the low end plan, ARPU contracted S$4 to S$55.
  • Fixed Network revenue recorded the highest growth amongst the four lines of business at 9% to S$79 million. Data & Internet services revenue, which now contributes 85% to the Fixed Network revenue mix, increased 13% to S$68 million.
  • The percentage of total Hubbing households that subscribed to any two or more StarHub services stands at 54.

“The strength of our free cash flow in 1Q2009 while expanding our customer base indicates that our focus on customers and operational efficiency is the correct approach during this softening macro-economic backdrop. While we have seen lower levels of usage in a few services as some customers cut back, the diversity of our product portfolio has helped to stabilize our revenue base,” said Mr Terry Clontz, CEO of StarHub. “Also, the strong free cash flow provides adequate comfort in maintaining our commitment to pay not less than 18 cents per share in dividends this year.”

Outlook for FY2009
Based on the current outlook, we are revising our initial guidance for 2009. We expect the Group’s 2009 service revenue to be maintained at 2008 level and blended EBITDA margin on service revenue to be around 32%. 2009 cash capital expenditure, as a percentage of operating revenue, is expected not to exceed 11%. In view of the expected profitability and cash flow in 2009, we maintain our dividend guidance to pay a minimum annual cash dividend for FY2009 at 4.5 cents per ordinary share per quarter, totalling 18.0 cents for the full year.

For more details on the Group's performance for 1Q2009 and outlook for FY2009, please visit www.starhub.com/ir. Materials available at this website include the audio conference link, investor presentation and unaudited results for the quarter ended 31 March 2009.

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