StarHub appointed by *SCAPE as preferred info-communications provider

StarHub to provide sponsored info-communication services, marketing support and S$1.5 million in cash donations to *SCAPE over three years to drive programmes for youth and new media development

Singapore, 16 June 2010 – *SCAPE, the National Youth Organisation, has announced StarHub, Singapore's fully integrated info-communication company, as its preferred info-communications provider, whereby *SCAPE and StarHub will embark on a collaboration to holistically develop youth talent and leadership through a range of new media initiatives.

StarHub will provide sponsored info-communication solutions, including mobile, broadband, Wifi and cable TV, as well as marketing support and S$1.5 million in cash donations to *SCAPE over three years to drive programmes for youth and new media development (refer to Annex 1 for a summary of key events).

The collaboration between *SCAPE and StarHub will focus on four strategic outcomes, namely:

·         Providing platforms to showcase youth talent;

·         Developing programmes to nurture youth leadership;

·         Championing initiatives by youths to raise social awareness and finally;

·         Developing youth-oriented content for new media, television and mobile platforms.

Young Singaporeans are not only the consumers of content, but increasingly, the creators of it. New media is shaped by the young blogger, social networker, film maker, aspiring dancer, cheer leader, event organizer or Facebooker. *SCAPE and StarHub's strategic partnership complements the fusion of youth development, integrated media and technology.

The new media projects will be managed by GRID MMS, *SCAPE's appointed Managing Agent for New Media, and will be consolidated under a cyber youth movement called '360 Without Borders'. The movement aims to nurture well-balanced young Singaporeans who will use their talent to pursue social change and worthwhile causes.

Ms Evelyn Lau, General Manager of *SCAPE, said, “We have discovered that at the heart of StarHub's support for *SCAPE, is a genuine sense of commitment to young Singaporeans, and we are happy that '360 Without Borders' is compatible with StarHub’s social responsibility intent to empower young people to drive social and charitable causes. The synergies from *SCAPE's collaboration with StarHub to develop the talent of young Singaporeans and groom their leadership abilities will not only have a lasting impact on the youth community, but also the media industry.”

Said Mr Tan Tong Hai, Chief Operating Officer, StarHub, “StarHub is committed to help young Singaporeans make their dreams a reality by providing the innovative info-communications solutions that they need to stay connected, informed and entertained. We are pleased to partner with *SCAPE to spark the next generation of young talents by empowering youths with the resources and media platforms that they require to uncover their talents and make a positive difference in their world. Through our support of the youths’ community outreach efforts, StarHub is able to multiply exponentially our contribution to society. By aligning StarHub with *SCAPE, we are also able to assure for the brand, a place in the hearts and minds of the next generation of young Singaporeans.”

Said Mr Philip Wu, CEO of GRID MMS, “Young Singaporeans today are not only consumers of new media, they are also fervent creators of content. We seek to harness the power of this trend by leveraging on StarHub's integrated media platforms to provide a stage for such content to gain a wider audience.”

To illustrate the concept, Mr Wu explained, “One of the projects being launched in September 2010 is called ‘Stage Without Borders’. The initiative will allow young Singaporeans to bring their OnLINE content OnSTAGE and OnAIR. Young Singaporeans with talent to showcase, or social causes to promote, may simply upload their content OnLINE. The projects and talents that are voted in by their peers get to perform OnSTAGE at *SCAPE in the monthly ‘Stage Without Borders’ concert. Winners shall be broadcasted OnAIR on StarHub TV and StarHub TV on Mobile. This, combined with training and other engagement activities, will be a new dimension in youth development.”   

Key infrastructure and youth spaces at *SCAPE

The projects are set to be carried out at *SCAPE's 12,000 sqf new media facility - GRID New Media Studios, 6000 sqf Music Studio, 500 seater auditorium and an events area with a capacity of up to 5000 people.

GRID New Media Studios is also the headquarters of the '360 Without Borders' movement. Grid New Media Studios will include:

·         GRID New Media Productions - a post production facility;

·         Grid New Media Studios - an internet broadcast studio;

·         Grid 'No Limits Café' - where young people can come together to engage in creative brainstorming, script and storyboard development as well as other content pre-development activities; and

·         Grid New Media Academy – where training in new media skills will be provided.


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Annex 1

 *SCAPE-StarHub Collaboration: Activities Outlined for 2010

 1. 'Stage Without Borders’ :  OnLINE – OnSTAGE - OnAIR

*SCAPE, StarHub and GRID MMS shall organise a concert showcase every month called 'Stage Without Borders'. Commencing 11 September 2010 at *SCAPE’s 500 seater Auditorium, young Singaporeans who wish to showcase their social cause, music, dance, short films or any other digital innovations may upload their videos at from 1 July 2010 onwards. The five individual or team submissions with the highest votes every month will either be selected to be screened or invited to perform at the event. Some of these performances, especially those that promote worthy social causes and messages, shall be selected for media exposure on StarHub's cable TV, mobile or online platforms. In addition to these concerts, there will be monthly open air movie screenings with selected charity beneficiaries.

2. ‘360 Without Borders': Youth Online Community @

‘360 Without Borders' is a youth online community that seeks to bring together young people who want to use their ideals, ideas, talent and action to drive positive changes in the world that they are inheriting. To grow this community, *SCAPE, StarHub and GRID MMS will carry out the following:

a) New Media Ambassadors Quest 2010

Two New Media Ambassadors has been crowned on 20 March 2010. Selected from the general internet community by a panel of industry leaders, the initiative sought to find talented young people with the heart to lead socially responsible initiatives. *SCAPE will be recognising these promising young people on 20 June 2010. Winners will get talent contracts with *SCAPE and GRID MMS. The top two winners of the ‘New Media Ambassadors Quest 2010’ win for themselves attractive prizes, including a trip to London, one year free StarHub mobile line and Golden Village movie tickets. Finalists of the Quest as well as other young promising ‘360 without borders’ members will be invited to drive projects, events and activities at *SCAPE.  The judges forNew Media Ambassadors Quest 2010’ include:

Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Member of Parliament, Hong Kah Group Representative Constituency

Ms Evelyn Lau, General Manager, *SCAPE Co. Ltd

Ms Iris Wee, Head of Marketing, StarHub

Mr David Glass, Managing Director, Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd

Mr Philip Wu, Chief Executive Officer, GRID MMS Pte Ltd

Ms Irene Ang, Founder, FLY Entertainment Pte Ltd

Ms Nadya Hutagalung, Kampong Chief,

Ms Florence Lian, Managing Director, MediaCorp Radio Pte Ltd

b) *SCAPE-StarHub Youth Technology Network

Youths who are technology savvy and keen to tinker with the development of applications, test new technology and services or generally explore mobile or other services can register at They will be given the opportunity to try out the latest technology and trends, including the latest StarHub content and services.

c) GRID New Media Academy

*SCAPE, StarHub and GRID MMS will invite youths to participate in new media training courses conducted by relevant training partners by professional training organisations. Such courses will be supported by the facilities at GRID New Media Academy. Courses could include certification courses leading to diplomas, and short-term hands-on training sessions on webpage design, video production and post-production. Talented participants will be given paid project roles to play in the many production projects that will be taking place at *SCAPE.

3) Retail opportunities at *SCAPE to cultivate social entrepreneurship

Young Singaporeans will be given a physical platform and venue at *SCAPE to test their business ideas in aid of social causes. *SCAPE and GRID MMS will work with enterprising young Singaporeans and Blogshop owners to bring their products to market through a StarHub-sponsored retail space at its Street Art Market on an ad-hoc basis to interested young entrepreneurs.