10 November 2010

Singapore, 10 November 2010 -- Continuing its efforts to invest in new initiatives that leverage on renewable energy technologies, StarHub today introduces Singapore’s first solar-powered cellular BTS-enabled vehicle, the Mobile ‘Greenergy’ vehicle.

The Mobile ‘Greenergy’ van is in fact a transportable cellular BTS that is used to provide temporary coverage in areas affected by BTS failure or to provide additional capacity in areas where the number of mobile users has increased dramatically. The van can also be used as a rapid emergency deployment asset, on occasions where accidents and disasters could affect the current mobile communications infrastructure within an area.

The cellular BTS in the van is entirely self-sustaining, powered by four solar-panels and a bank of rechargeable batteries, which allows it to power up mobile communications within an area of 500m for at least eight hours, reducing its reliance on the main utility grid or from external generators.

Mr Peter Cook, vice president of StarHub’s Integrated Network Engineering said “Even as there is growing concerns about carbon emissions and recent discussions on a global regime to curb them, StarHub has been actively looking into new technologies that can help reduce our overall carbon footprint in our operations. We have already deployed two fixed solar-powered cellular BTS in Singapore – one located on StarHub Green at Ubi, and another on IKEA building at Alexandra Road – and the Mobile ‘Greenergy’ van is yet another example of our commitment. We will continue to look at a number of our cellular BTS at other locations that would benefit from being powered by solar energy. Ultimately, we aim to transform 50% of our mobile network BTS to be more energy-efficient by the end of 2011.”

StarHub’s Mobile ‘Greenergy’ van is on display at this year’s Clean & Green Schools’ Carnival held at Anchor Green Primary School from 10-11 November 2010.

For more information on StarHub, please visit www.starhub.com.