02 September 2010

- Launches three new access plans and a broad range of cloud-computing solutions -

- Aims to deliver 150+ pay TV channels over fibre for businesses -

Singapore, 2 September 2010 – Businesses across Singapore can now experience the next generation in ultra-high speed broadband connectivity and advanced multimedia applications, as StarHub today introduces a new range of access plans and cloud-computing solutions for the Next Gen NBN.

This announcement comes as Nucleus Connect, Singapore’s Next Gen NBN Operating Company, commercially launched on 31 August 2010 to provide Retail Service Providers (RSPs) such as StarHub with open access and wholesale connectivity services on the Next Gen NBN. Nucleus Connect was appointed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA Singapore) on 3 April 2009 to design, build and operate the active infrastructure of this super highway.

Mr Neil Montefiore, CEO of StarHub, said, “StarHub has been the trusted service provider for businesses over the last ten years. During that time, we have been directly serving businesses on our own fibre-optic network which links over 800 commercial buildings in Singapore. With the availability of services over the Next Gen NBN, our reach has effectively expanded to 20,000 locations. For businesses, this means that for the first time, they will have true infrastructure competition, and therefore the freedom to choose the best service provider that meets their business needs. We believe we can meet all those needs.”

Added Neil, “StarHub has established a strong, resilient domestic network infrastructure for increased diversity, and built up a comprehensive international network that includes the Asia-America Gateway amongst other overseas undersea cable consortium networks. We have also partnered a broad range of industry-leading organisations and are currently delivering the widest range of pay TV content in the market. With our leadership in these areas, we are the only service provider in Singapore able to provide a complete end-to-end solution that combines domestic and international data access, top-line value-added services and comprehensive premium branded content. For companies that are looking for a trusted industry leader to help them expand their operations seamlessly and cost-effectively, there is really only one alternative, and that is StarHub.”

New Data Access Plans
From today, businesses will be able to subscribe to new Next Gen NBN services from StarHub. 

StarHub will be offering a new Fibre 100Mbps (NextGen) service, which provides superior Internet broadband connectivity with symmetrical uplink and downlink speeds. The Fibre 100Mbps (NextGen) service has a suggested monthly subscription charge of $268 and comes bundled with a series of value-added benefits.

In addition, StarHub is the first operator in Singapore to offer Ethernet Local Link (NextGen) and Switched Ethernet (NextGen) services for the new network. These specific access plans help businesses connect to multiple sites in Singapore using Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies, and serves as a potential replacement for traditional leased line services. StarHub is able to deliver speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 1Gbps on either of the two services. Prices for these services will vary, depending on the broadband speeds requirements, and the number of connected sites.

The three new plans outlined above expand StarHub’s existing range of access plans and provide greater choice and flexibility in how businesses plan their online connectivity. 

New Cloud-Computing Solutions
StarHub today is pleased to announce its partnership with best-of-breed industry players to offer a new range of cloud computing value-added solutions for businesses.  StarHub and its partners will now be able to provide a bundled solution over a cloud computing platform that is specifically customised to the requirements of the business. These solutions, available both on StarHub fixed network and on Next Gen NBN, include:

  • StarHub Backup and Storage – In partnership with Hitachi Data Systems, this solution helps businesses protect their data assets by easily and effectively providing auto-backup, fast recovery and security. Tapping on the latest cloud-based expertise, it delivers an effortless, secure form of data protection and backup at only a fraction of the cost of enterprise-scale backup solutions.
  • StarHub e-HR Management – This service, delivered through industry leader Justlogin, is a comprehensive HRM system designed to help small and medium businesses streamline and integrate HRM processes, in order to save time and manage routine and complex processes in a simple and efficient manner.
  • StarHub IP Video Surveillance – Together with KAI Square, a technology company specialising in mobile video surveillance and advance video processing with analytics, StarHub is now able to offer an IP video surveillance service that will allow companies to monitor and recognise threats to their businesses in real-time, prevent and investigate criminal activities and ensure employees’ safety at the workplace - all with a low start-up cost.
  • StarHub POS Solution – In partnership with Wincor-Nixdorf, StarHub will introduce an easy to use, fully bundled and price competitive POS solution that allows businesses to speed up the flow of transactions, minimising transaction errors and reducing employee theft.  It enables businesses to make critical business decision by gaining insights into their business anytime and anywhere.
  • StarHub Web Security – Together with Zscaler, identified by Gartner as one of the most visionary vendors in the Secure Web Gateway market, StarHub will offer an industry-recognised web security service on a cloud computing platform. The service ensures that end users enjoy a secure web browsing experience as the first line of defence, blocking known and zero-day threats even before they reach the company’s network. The solution is scaleable and cost-effective, and does not require the need to install any security software within the company’s IT network.

New Content Delivery Platform for Businesses
Finally, StarHub is announcing that commercial customers across Singapore may soon be able to receive all 150+ channels on StarHub’s pay TV platform as the company looks into deploying various technologies to deliver those channels directly to the businesses’ premises. These technologies include IPTV and ‘Radio Frequency over Glass’ (RFoG). RFoG is a technology, currently being deployed in the US, which enables cable operators to deliver cable channels over a fibre network. Currently, StarHub provides 27 premium branded channels over its wireless Direct Terrestrial Television (DTTV) service. More details about this new content delivery platform will be provided at the later date.

For businesses interested to learn more about StarHub’s new range of services and cloud-computing solutions, please visit www.starhub.com. For business enquiries, please contact StarHub at biz@starhub.com or call 1800 888-8888.