15 July 2011

Announces Singapore’s first network-based mobile Internet content filtering service, offering it for free to customers till June 2012

Offers one-year free use of new Internet security service to all Singapore families

Launches carnival to promote cyber wellness and educate parents on how to create a safer home

Singapore, 15 July 2011 – Internet use has further exploded with the proliferation of mobile devices in the recent years. Today, 95% of children aged between eight and 14 have access to the Internet, spending as much as eight hours a day online from computers and smartphones.

For children and teens, the Internet is an essential learning tool as well as a main source of entertainment. However, there are also dangers such as malicious online viruses, pornography, gambling and Internet crime which they are at risk to as they explore the cyber world.

Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Products & Solutions of StarHub, said: "The popularity of smartphone use among children and teens these days means they have even easier access to the Internet. Knowing that online child safety is a top concern to modern parents, we want to empower them to manage potential online security threats, so that they have peace of mind when their children use the Internet.”

“To demonstrate our commitment and seriousness in ensuring that Singapore families enjoy a safe and fruitful Internet surfing experience, StarHub is pleased to make available soon Singapore’s first network-based mobile Internet filtering service which complements our existing broadband Internet filtering service. Parents can use both of these services to better protect their children from objectionable online content. We are also happy to offer an Internet security service that protects families against common web-based threats. Best of all, to promote and spread the message of cyber wellness, these services will be free for our customers for up to one year,” Mr Chan added.

Internet Security Solutions

SafeSurf on Mobile
SafeSurf on Mobile is Singapore's first network-based mobile Internet content filtering service. It enables parents to block undesirable categories of content such as adult content as well as specific websites on the mobile phone used by the child. It also allows them to understand and closely monitor the child's Internet use from a historical list of websites accessed. SafeSurf on Mobile will be available to all of StarHub’s mobile subscribers from September 2011. When launched, customers will be able to enjoy the service for free, till June 2012. Subsequently, it will be priced at $3.21 per month. 

SafeSurf Online
SafeSurf Online provides a network-based Internet content filtering for all computers connected to a home network. This means that parents who subscribe to this service can depend on it to provide a tamper-proof, “clean” surfing experience for their children at home. The service can be easily activated or deactivated without the need for any additional software downloads, installation or updates. SafeSurf Online is currently available for $2.68 per month, and is offered free-of-charge with selected broadband packages. From September 2011, all of StarHub’s broadband subscribers can enjoy this value added service for free, till end June 2012. 

StarHub’s new Internet security service, SafeShield, provides the whole family with a suite of features to protect personal computers against viruses, spyware, spam, phishing attacks as well as unsafe websites. Priced at $5.35 per month, StarHub is now offering free use of the SafeShield service for one year to all residential broadband users in Singapore, regardless of which Internet service provider’s plan they are subscribing to. To sign up and download the software, customers simply visit www.starhub.com/safeshield before 1 September 2011. Each SafeShield download protects up to three computers per household.

Smart Security Carnival

With the support of various organisations, including the Media Development Authority, Health Promotion Board, National Library Board, TOUCH Community Services, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and other valued partners, StarHub today launched the Smart Security Carnival at the National Library Building, to help parents gain insights into cyber wellness, protection of personal and important data as well as the effective use of technology to create a safer home.

The launch event was graced by Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts & Environment and Water Resources, and attended by more than 100 parents, principals, teachers and students.

The Smart Security Carnival will feature cyber wellness workshops for parents, a drama skit to illustrate the potential harms of the cyber space on children and bring out the awareness of cyber wellness, as well as the various security products available for concerned parents to enhance their home and mobile security for their loved ones. These security solutions include Home Surveillance, My Locator and McAfee WaveSecure (See attached Editor’s Notes for details).

The carnival will be open to the public on 16 July and 17 July 2011, from 11am to 7pm. Admission is free.


The additional security solutions showcased at the Smart Security Carnival include:

Home Surveillance
The Home Surveillance service allows full-time remote monitoring of young children or elderly parents at home from the computer or mobile device. The home monitoring solution which comes with IP cameras and installation services, starts from a one-time cost of $249.31. 

My Locator
A service that enables parents to locate the whereabouts of a child or elderly parent from the mobile phone. Users can create up to three geo-fences which are places that a child or an elderly person frequently goes to, and receive an SMS alert every time this child or elderly person enters or leaves the "fenced" area. My Locator is charged at $3.21 per month per mobile number to be located.

McAfee WaveSecure
This value-added service permits StarHub Mobile subscribers to back up and save phone data (such as contacts, photos, videos and other content) online. They will be able to remotely lock a lost phone to prevent its misuse, wipe all data on the phone and even track down the phone (if the device supports GPS). In addition, subscribers will receive an SMS with the details of any SIM cards that are inserted in the lost phone. McAfee WaveSecure, priced at $3.21 per month, is now free of charge to all StarHub Mobile post-paid subscribers till 31 December 2011.