20 October 2011

-i2Surf mobile plan’s free multi-SIM feature caters to a rising trend of multiple devices consumers


Singapore, 20 October 2011 – Recognizing that more StarHub customers are using two or more mobile devices to make calls, surf the internet and use mobile applications simultaneously, StarHub has specially designed a new mobile plan to meet their unique lifestyle needs.

The new i2Surf mobile plan, to be launched in October 28, comes bundled with a free multi-SIM, and will give instant voice and data accessibility for customers who own two devices. Subscribers of the new i2Surf mobile plans will receive two SIM cards(regular or micro SIM cards), and enjoy 24 months of free multi-SIM subscription (worth $240) which they can use over their second handset device or over their tablet or dongle. They can choose from three types of i2Surfmobile plan – i2Surf 100, i2Surf 300 and i2Surf 700 – that best suit their lifestyle.  


i2Surf 100
i2Surf 300
i2Surf 700
Monthly Subscription (with GST)
Airtime (minutes)
Local SMS
Local Data
Multi-SIM subscription24 months of free multi-SIM subscription


 “In recent years, we observe a growing number of customers who own two mobile devices – a combination of smartphones and tablets or dongles.  We believe the newi2Surf mobile plan will be attractive to this new generation of multi-device users as they can now conveniently use two SIM cards for two devices to call, SMS, surf the internet and use their mobile applications anytime and anywhere,” said Ms Joanna Chan, StarHub’s Vice President of Personal Solutions.

From October 28, customers can simply visit any StarHub Shop or our dealer outlets islandwide to subscribe to the i2Surf plan. For more information, visit www.starhub.com/mobile.