13 January 2012

Singapore, 13 January 2012 – In line with our community outreach objective of empowering Singapore’s disadvantaged youth, StarHub hosted some 22 boys from Boys’ Town (儿童城) and YouthReach to watch Jack Neo’s latest movie We Not Naughty on the evening of 12 January 2012.

In We Not Naughty, a family struggles to overcome various hardships in life, from bullying in school and loan sharks, to making ends meet and shedding public perception of coming from a lowly academic background.

“While this movie is a fantastic display of local talent,” said Mr Adam Reutens-Tan (陈家扬), CSR Manager, StarHub, “it is also a very relevant film for the boys of Boys’ Town. Their backgrounds are very similar and we hope that by watching We Not Naughty, they will be inspired to surmount the obstacles in their own lives.”

As a special treat, the boys from Boys’ Town got to meet with Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang, both of I Not Stupid fame, whose characters were youth who faced challenges similar to those faced by those in Boys’ Town. Shawn and Joshua autographed and penned words of encouragement on a poster for the boys, while the boys themselves signed pledges of improvement on a placard. Some of these pledges included doing well in their ‘O’ Levels this year and treating the family and friends better.

The poster and the placard will be mounted in the boys’ dormitory back in Boys’ Town at Upper Bukit Timah Road.

“I just hope that the boys enjoyed the movie and can maybe learn something from it,” said male lead Shawn.

“I found the movie to be quite touching,” said 16-year-old Silvam (not his real name). “It was a good insight into Singaporeans’ lives and I liked how it shows the extent to which a mother would go for her child.”

This movie excursion was a prelude to a fundraising-cum-social event that StarHub will be conducting with Boys’ Town on 7 February 2012, to help with their building fund.