28 June 2012

New channel packs for fans of Asian Drama and Tamil Entertainment

Singapore, 28 June 2012 – Asian drama lovers and fans of Tamil entertainment can now have more of their beloved TV programmes, and they will come in value-for-money packs! StarHub will introduce two new channels to its TV offerings - VV Drama On Demand and Sun Music, starting today. At the same time, both VV Drama and Sun TV will be bundled into their respective packs named VV Drama Pack and Sun TV Pack.

VV Drama Pack

VV Drama On Demand1 (StarHub TV Channel 857), will be bundled with the existing VV Drama and VV Drama (+3) to form the new VV Drama Pack.  Viewers with an interactive StarHub set-top-box1 can also enjoy catch up TV for the channel. With the addition of VV Drama On Demand1, subscribers of the new VV Drama Pack can soon catch their beloved dramas at their convenience, and in the comforts of their homes. They can also access complete series of selected first-run titles from TVB, Korean and Asian Showcase, the moment the first episode premieres on VV Drama.

On VV Drama On Demand1 (Channel 857), fans of TVB dramas can look forward to catching the latest TVB dramas, Tiger Cubs, Wish And Switch, and L'Escargot. They will also be able to catch their shows in its original Cantonese language which is also available in Mandarin. Dual languages – one in its original language and the other in Mandarin will also be made available for all Korean drama series, which include popular titles such as Padam Padam and Listen To My Heart. For an enhanced viewing experience, selected drama series will be made available in high definition. Dramas from Asian Showcase, All Men Are Brothers and The Glamorous Imperial Concubine will also be available on VV Drama On Demand1.

The VV Drama Pack is priced at $12.84 (including GST) per month and those who sign up by 31 August 2012 will enjoy a 50 per cent discount off the Pack's subscription fee for three months.  StarHub TV customers can choose to purchase the VV Drama Pack via Instant Buy1 on their remote control by tuning in to Channel 857 and pressing the blue button. Existing VV Drama subscribers may choose either to remain on their current subscription plan or upgrade to the new VV Drama Pack.

Sun TV Pack

Sun Music (StarHub TV Channel 134), Singapore's first Tamil music channel, and the latest addition to StarHub's offering for Tamil content, is bound to delight fans with its robust selection of Tamil music. Its highly-interactive format promises to engage viewers with "live" dial-in talk shows, thematic songs and morning shows. Its round-the-clock programming also reaches out to fans with different viewing habits who can tune in to the channel anytime in the day. The channel which features a variety of highly-rated key programmes such as Super Hits, Star Time and Tring Tring will have something for everyone.

Sun TV, a top entertainment channel from India will be paired with Sun Music to form the new Sun TV Pack. Sun TV - renowned for its wholesome entertainment, draws on its base of loyal audience with its jammed packed line-up of talk shows, game shows, news, music and movies.

Subscription for Sun TV Pack is $8.56 (including GST) per month. Existing Sun TV subscribers may choose either to remain on their current subscription plan or upgrade to the Pack.  To subscribe or upgrade to Sun TV Pack, customers can tune in to channel 134, and press the blue button to subscribe to the pack instantly1. Customers who sign up by 30 September 2012 will enjoy a 50 per cent discount off the Pack's subscription fee for three months. All StarHub TV customers can also look forward to catching free preview for Sun Music (Channel 134) from 9am, 28 June to 1pm, 17 July 2012.

Ms Iris Wee, StarHub's Vice President of Home Solutions & Content enthused, "We want customers to derive the best enjoyment from their TV experience, whether it's providing greater flexibility in their viewing schedules, higher screen quality, or simply giving more of what they like in one value pack. With the new VV Drama On Demand, the flexibility of schedule now lies in the hands of our viewers. For Tamil music lovers, they will now have a dedicated channel in Sun Music for their music needs."

1Application to customers with HubStation/ HubStation HD/ HD Interactive set-top box