26 March 2012

Multi-screen viewing experience on StarHub TV, online and mobile

All 31 matches 'live' across two dedicated High-Definition StarHub TV channels

Singapore, 26 March 2012 – StarHub, Singapore's official broadcaster of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA EURO 2012™), will offer all 31 tournament matches 'live' across its pay TV, online and mobile platforms. Viewers can purchase the UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack from tomorrow, 27 March 2012.

In the lead-up to the tournament, preview programmes will commence on 1 June 2012. StarHub's UEFA EURO 2012™ 'live' broadcast coverage then begins with Match-day One on 8 June 2012, 11:30pm. Following the Opening Ceremony, the Group A match involving Poland vs Greece will kick off on 9 June 2012, midnight. Full coverage includes the Opening and Closing ceremonies, match previews, post-match analyses and highlights.

"UEFA EURO 2012™ showcases the very best of European football and ranks high on any sports fan's calendar. We are proud to be the operator to bring the tournament to Singapore. Our viewers can not only marvel at this footballing spectacle through our high-definition TV coverage, they can also catch all the action on their computers and smartphones, wherever they may be. Together, we can all look forward to an enthralling contest in Poland and Ukraine," said Ms Iris Wee, StarHub's Vice President of Home Solutions & Content.

UEFA EURO 2012™ 'live' matches will be offered on two dedicated high-definition channels, Main Channel HD (StarHub TV Ch 227) and Simulcast Match Channel HD (StarHub TV Ch 228). In addition, matches will also available in standard-definition on Main Channel (StarHub TV Ch 225) and Simulcast Match Channel (StarHub TV Ch 226). StarHub TV customers need a HubStation HD or an HD Interactive set-top box to view the high-definition channels.

Upon subscription of the UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack, customers can opt-in for the multi-screen access of UEFA EURO 2012™ on Internet and mobile at no additional cost. UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack subscribers with a Hub ID can view both the Main Channel and Simulcast Match Channel on their computers through any browser connected to the Internet. StarHub Mobile customers with the UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack can also view the channels on compatible smartphones on Mobile TV.

The UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack is available for a one-time fee and customers who subscribe on or before 30 April 2012 will enjoy the special early bird price of $58.85 (includes GST). Customers who subscribe from 1 May 2012 onwards can still purchase the Pack for $69.55 (includes GST). Customers do not need to subscribe to the Basic or Sports Group to enjoy the Pack. Subscription prices apply to all StarHub customers and non-StarHub customers alike.

Existing StarHub TV customers can purchase the UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack at www.starhub.com/euro2012. Customers with StarHub TV interactive set-top boxes can purchase the Pack instantly by pressing the blue button on their StarHub remote control on Channels 225, 226, 227 or 228.1

Additional options for new subscribers

Customers of other qualified pay TV retailers can get their UEFA EURO 2012™ fix on Main Channel HD and Simulcast Match Channel HD by signing up for the Pack at all StarHub shops or Exclusive Partner outlets.2 No additional set-top box is required. Matches will not be available on Online and Mobile platforms.

Viewers with no existing pay TV subscription and who do not wish to watch the tournament on Online and Mobile platforms can enjoy the flexibility of an a la carte pre-paid StarHub TV subscription for UEFA EURO 2012™. They do not have to subscribe to the usual minimum package of three Basic Groups.

New customers can purchase the UEFA EURO 2012™ Pay-Per-View Pack at StarHub shops and Exclusive Partner outlets. A one-time activation charge of $10.70 applies for new StarHub TV customers.

For more information, please see Annex 1.

1 HubStation, HubStation HD & HD Interactive set-top boxes

2 These qualified pay TV retailers will be designated by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and are defined as Receiving Qualified Licensees under the Media Market Conduct Code.


Annex 1


Existing StarHub customer

Customer of other qualified pay TV retailers

Viewers with no pay TV subscription

Early Bird Price




Normal Price




Activation Charge




TV Coverage

2 SD, 2 HD Channels

2 HD Channels

2 SD, 2 HD Channels

TV Online




TV on Mobile





Main Channel (StarHub TV Ch 225) / Main Channel HD (StarHub TV Ch 227)

·         24-hour dedicated channel with ancillary programming and match repeats in- between 'live' matches

·         Pre-tournament programmes from 1 June 2012

·         27 'LIVE' UEFA EURO 2012™ matches

·         Opening and Closing Ceremonies

·         Pre and Post Match Analyses

Simulcast Match Channel (StarHub TV Ch 226) / Simulcast Match Channel HD (StarHub TV Ch 228)

·         4 Group Stage Simulcast 'LIVE' matches (17-20 June 2012)

Instructions for TV on Mobile

StarHub Mobile post-paid customers with any compatible handset can view the 'live' streaming of UEFA EURO 2012™ channel via StarHub TV on Mobile. Users can SMS <LIVETV> to 6757 to access StarHub TV on Mobile to start viewing the matches on their mobile phone. For an enhanced viewing experience, they may also download the StarHub TV on Mobile App from the StarHub Gee! portal. Users will not incur data charges when viewing the 'live' streaming of matches on their mobile phones locally.

Instructions for TV Online

Log on to www.starhubtv.com. A Hub ID is required. Registration is free. Opt in to mobile and online access is required to watch UEFA EURO 2012™ matches through any browser connected to the internet.