19 November 2012

StarHub Urges Consumers To Use Technology To Connect

Singapore, 19 November 2012 – Technology is a double-edged sword. It connects people. Yet, it can also cause them to disconnect. StarHub’s new brand campaign - launched today over TV, print and online media - addresses this contradiction, and reminds the public that while technology is constantly enhancing our lifestyles with improved connectivity and convenience, we should not neglect the most important people in our lives – the family.

StarHub’s year-long “Home Is Where The Heart Is” campaign kicked off on Saturday, 17 November, through TV, print and social media. In the coming week, the campaign will launch on radio and digital platforms too.

Neil Montefiore, StarHub’s CEO, explained the info-communications provider’s unconventional choice of a brand campaign message: “Today’s society is an extremely fast-paced one, where messages are constantly being sent and received.  Our population is very well connected technologically and many own and use more than one personal communication device. While we are glad that the increasing reliance on communication devices is doing well for our business, we are concerned that this reliance may alienate our customers from their loved ones. It saddens me, for instance, to witness the now familiar sight of family members seated at the same restaurant table but each occupied on their mobile phones instead of communicating with one another. Certainly, we are not asking consumers to stop enjoying the benefits of technology. What we hope to do is to send a timely reminder that technology should connect, and not cause a disconnection.”

To encourage its customers to spend quality time with their families, StarHub has set up a microsite where StarHub customers can describe their wish to spend quality time with their family members, and each month, StarHub will endeavour to make one family’s wish come true. StarHub customers can also regularly win family treats such as movie passes at this microsite.

To walk the talk, StarHub is also paving the way for employees to spend quality time with their family members. In addition to allowing employees to have a shorter work day once every quarter, StarHub is also organising family activities for employees, and giving them complimentary passes to entertainment outlets.