19 October 2012

Service allows government organisations a subscription-based, self-service access to cloud computing services managed, hosted and supported by StarHub and its technology partners

Singapore, 19 October 2012 - StarHub today announced that it has teamed up with several best-in-class technology partners to provide government public cloud services over its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform for enterprises called ‘Argonar’. The strategic partnership has been formed to meet the requirements for the tender the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) had put out earlier for the ‘Supply of Cloud Services to Government Ministries/Departments, Statutory Boards, Organs of State and Participating Entities’ (IDAT1050).

The 'Argonar' IaaS platform boasts of StarHub's ultra-fast, highly secure Internet connectivity and flexible subscription-based usage pricing model and the platform is intelligently designed and built with Huawei's state-of-the-art cloud computing infrastructure which is also an Intel-based Cloud Builders Reference Architecture. 'Argonar' offers organisations a high performance, reliable, scalable and secure public cloud platform that meets their constantly demanding computing and storage needs.  

“In today’s information age and competitive environment, organisations have learned to adapt quickly to new technologies influenced by the rapid industry changes, streamlining their corporate IT systems to support business goals, and ultimately enable the business to become more agile and relevant. We are excited to be a strategic partner of StarHub to offer cloud services to the public and private sectors in Singapore, bringing advanced IT agility to all. Our partnership with StarHub also demonstrates our commitments to introducing more innovative ICT and cloud solutions to further enhance Singapore’s world class e-government services and strengthen the competitiveness of both - the public and private sectors,” said Mr Jeff Liu, President of Huawei Technologies, South Pacific Region.  

StarHub also partners Symantec and Trend Micro Singapore, to provide a comprehensive range of industry-leading management, technology and security solutions for government agencies that utilise its ‘Argonar’ IaaS platform for non-sensitive computing workloads that do not need to reside within the government's G-Cloud environment.

As an added advantage over other public cloud services, the Internet traffic on StarHub’s IaaS infrastructure is protected by StarHub Clean Pipe Anti-DDos service that is monitored round-the-clock at its own Network Operations Centre, in addition to the Cyber Watch Centre services managed by e-Cop to detect any malicious activity. Also, because StarHub delivers high-speed residential broadband services to 439,000 household customers and thousands of business customers, so any content hosted on StarHub’s IaaS infrastructure is more quickly and flexibly accessible by its subscribers. 

Said Mr Sunny Tan, Asst Vice President of Enterprise Business Group – Solutions, StarHub: "StarHub is proud to collaborate with our long-term partners who are the best-in-class technology providers, to set up a secure, high-performance delivery framework and offer an end-to-end managed cloud services. We are pleased to be included in IDA's list of public cloud service providers for reference by government organisations, that helps them to quickly roll out services in the cloud."

To stay at the forefront of cloud security, StarHub has joined the Cloud Security Alliance, the world’s leading platform for promoting cloud security awareness and practices. StarHub is committed to adopting the best practices for managing and protecting the cloud, to ensure that it constantly provides a secure environment in the cloud for its customers.