08 August 2013

StarHub TV customers who watch the BPL cross-carried on StarHub TV will enjoy up to $30 off per month; for a maximum total of $600

Contract-free offer extended to all new and existing customers

Singapore, 8 August 2013 – StarHub TV customers who choose to catch the Barclays Premier League (BPL) cross-carried on StarHub TV will receive up to $30 off their bills per month up to a maximum total of $600. If the StarHub TV bill amounts to less than $30 per month, it will be waived fully. All StarHub TV customers, both new and existing, are eligible for this contract-free offer, and have until 30 September 2013 to sign up.

This rebate is as good as 50% off the cost of the 2013/14 and the 2014/15 BPL seasons. The BPL season is traditionally played over ten months from August to May the following year.

“We empathise with customers who are confused by the myriad of offers available in the market and are here to help with a simple solution to their BPL-related woes,” said Ms Lin Shu Fen, Head of Home Solutions, StarHub. “In short, all StarHub TV customers who choose to watch the BPL cross-carried on our platform can enjoy this offer, regardless of their pay TV package. Customers are our priority and we sincerely want to make it as easy as possible for them to catch the BPL cross-carried on their preferred platform with our lag-free, freeze-free, contract-free option.”

To enjoy the monthly rebate of up to $30, football fans have to be a StarHub TV subscriber and select to watch the BPL cross-carried on StarHub TV. For existing customers, the rebate will run concurrently with the terms of their current pay TV package. StarHub will honour all existing pay TV contracts. Customers will see the rebate in their bills 90 days from the date of sign-up. The rebate offer ceases when a customer unsubscribes from either the StarHub TV service or the cross-carried BPL channel package on StarHub TV, or both; whichever is earlier.

All StarHub TV customers who signed up for the cross-carried BPL package from 1 August onwards will be eligible for this offer as well. This also applies to customers who had earlier signed up for the Surf & Watch bundle with the $300 rebate, which was announced on 3 August. These customers will now receive the enhanced maximum rebate of $600 over two BPL seasons.

“As we cannot set the price of the cross-carried BPL package and will not earn anything from it, this rebate offer is the best we can do to help our customers,” Ms Lin added. “We care for our customers and will continue exploring innovative ways to delight them, including those who are not BPL fans. We will be sharing more details with this group of customers at a later date.”

As five working days are required to provision the cross-carriage of BPL content, football fans who wish to watch the opening round of matches on 17 August cross-carried on StarHub TV have to sign up by Monday, 12 August. Customers will also need a High Definition set-top box to view the BPL cross-carried on StarHub TV. In the meantime, ‘live’ match commentary of the Community Shield will be available on Internet sports radio station, Red Card Sports Radio.