27 August 2013

Singapore, 27 August 2013 – StarHub has always believed in empowering the challenged and its latest innovation will help the blind ‘see’. By uniting technology and crowdsourcing, StarHub has developed an award-winning mobile app, MySmartEye, which allows the visually impaired to connect to a worldwide community of micro-volunteers, who then lend them their power of sight. Micro-volunteering is virtual volunteering, usually over an Internet-connected device and for short periods of time.

MySmartEye can be downloaded on iPhones and Android handsets. The app will then prompt the user to select if he or she is a micro-volunteer or a visually impaired individual. The visually impaired will be able to use MySmartEye to snap a picture, which is then shared in real-time with micro-volunteers who have installed the app. These volunteers have the option of describing the picture, and their replies are read out over the visually impaired’s phone.

“We believe in the strength of altruism in humanity, that in spite of our busy schedules, we still want to help others in need. With MySmartEye, anyone can help the visually impaired in mere seconds anytime, anywhere. Imagine all the time spent waiting in queue at the bank, for lunch, for the bus or train—this is time that could be spent bringing happiness to others,” said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Personal Solutions, StarHub. “And given the fact that the visually impaired and micro-volunteers could be anywhere in the world, this truly is a great example of how the innovative use of crowdsourcing can empower the international community.”

“Micro-volunteering is a revolutionary platform for time-starved Singaporeans. It gives existing volunteers an extra channel to help and demonstrates to would-be volunteers that it really doesn't take much to make a difference,” said Mr Michael Tan See Hai, Executive Director, Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped. “It is exciting for us to be a part of this initiative, which I believe will open more than just eyes; I believe it will open hearts too.”

In conjunction with the launch of MySmartEye, StarHub also introduced SmartBuddy, a mobile plan specially packaged with more talktime, SMS and data to offer the visually and hearing impaired more freedom with peace-of-mind.

“We are happy that StarHub SmartBuddy is empowering the hearing impaired to freely interact with their loved ones, offering a large data bundle with a price cap. This is especially timely considering how our clients are relying more heavily on social media to connect with individuals worldwide,” said Dr Christopher Low Wong Kein, President, The Singapore Association for the Deaf.

Please see below for details on the new SmartBuddy plan:

Two-year mobile plan


Monthly subscription


Local talktime (in mins)

500 (100 mins for video calls)

SMS/MMS bundle


Local data bundle


Excess local data usage charges

$2.14 per GB

Local data price cap

Maximum data charge of $21.40 monthly

Apple iPhone 5 16GB


Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE


Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE


For more information on SmartBuddy and MySmartEye, please visit www.starhub.com/smartbuddy.

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