13 June 2013

Singapore, 13 June 2013 – Some families eat together every day. Some eat together once a week. This evening, a select group of male inmates celebrated Father’s Day with their families with a meal together for the first time in months or even years.

As part of its Family Time campaign, StarHub organised dinner for 21 fathers in Changi Prison and their families. This momentous occasion—supported by the Singapore Prison Service and organized by local charity Focus on the Family Singapore—is part of StarHub’s ongoing nationwide effort to bring families together and help forge stronger bonds among family members.

“StarHub is a brand committed to enabling and enriching connections through our products and services,” said Mr Tan Tong Hai, Chief Executive Officer, StarHub. “And one of the most important connections of all is family. Blood is thicker than water and families are the main pillars of support for those in prison. StarHub wants to pleasantly surprise the deserving inmates by letting them have a meal with their loved ones on Father’s Day, to remind them that they are not forgotten and that they have a family who still loves them very much. We hope that their precious time together this Father’s Day will sustain the fathers during their prison term and motivate them to take charge of their lives and turn over a new leaf.”

“Father’s Day is essentially a family occasion,” said Ms Ruth Kan, Family Life Strategist, Focus on the Family Singapore. “Unlike regular dads, fathers in prison don’t have the opportunity to be there for their kids every day. We are excited to collaborate with StarHub to provide inmates and their families a rare opportunity to bond like regular families.”

Mr Terrence Goh, Director, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Division, Singapore Prison Service, believes that family support is vital in the process of rehabilitation and reintegration. He said, “Through our daily interactions with inmates, we know that many of them are able to focus on turning their lives around because they have strong support from their family members. The motivation to lead crime-free lives after their release is no longer just a personal commitment but an aspiration to become a responsible father, husband or son. Initiatives such as the StarHub dinner remind them that they have something positive to work towards.”

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