25 August 2014

-Award-winning channel provides parents with learning opportunities for their children-

-Content created and supervised by leading experts in child development-

Singapore, 25 August 2014 – StarHub TV will launch BabyFirst, an award-winning channel which helps infants explore development basics and recognise sights and sounds through fun, educational programming. Premiering today on StarHub TV Channel 301, BabyFirst is created by leading experts in child development and will provide evolving and interactive programming for parents and their children. To give families a taste of the channel, a free preview will be held from launch to 31 October 2014.

Originating in the United States, BabyFirst is specifically tailored to meet the needs of babies up to three years and features a safe, positive, age-appropriate environment. The channel has unique features such as a colour-coded programming guide which tells parents the educational value of each segment through the colour-changing BabyFirst flower logo on-screen; and multi-layer content which is adaptable to all levels of a baby’s development (each show offers elements that can appeal to younger babies and older toddlers at the same time).

“As a family-focused company, we cater to both the learning and entertainment needs of the entire family. Hence, we are constantly looking at new ways to enhance the family content offering on StarHub TV. With BabyFirst, we are delighted to offer parents a new interactive co-viewing experience which gives them and their babies opportunities to learn while bonding with one another,” said Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit, StarHub.

“We are honoured to be working with StarHub, a forward-thinking company that truly values quality children’s programming. BabyFirst is grateful for the opportunity to offer age-appropriate TV for families throughout Singapore,” said Guy Oranim, Chief Executive Officer, BabyFirst.

BabyFirst’s content is supervised and supported by a worldwide Advisory Board made up of leading child psychologists and development experts. 80 percent of the channel’s programming is original content which has garnered accolades such as the iParenting Media Awards, the Parents’ Choice Award, the Creative Child Magazine Award and the US International Film and Video “Gold Camera” award.

Highlights in September and October include Bonnie Bear and Rainbow Horse. Together with her best friend, Mr. Gramophone, Bonnie Bear creates colourful paintings from sounds that she hears. In every episode, Mr. Gramophone has three different sounds of a common theme to play for Bonnie. It is up to Bonnie to recognise these sounds, name them and paint the object or place of origin. Bonnie Bear demonstrates how working with both your ears and hands can bring together sounds and colours to create a beautiful, whole picture.

With Rainbow Horse, families can saddle up and get ready to ride off with the rainbow horse on a magical journey of colour, music and motion. Riding into a still, black and white frame, the rainbow horse comes galloping in and breathes life, motion and colour into everything around it. The program showcases how colours relate to objects, animals and their overall environment.

BabyFirst will be broadcast in standard definition and will be available on the Kids Basic Tier. For more information, please visit www.starhub.com/tv.