22 January 2014

Singapore, 22 January 2014 – Local info-communications provider StarHub has further cemented its position as a responsible and sustainable organisation, with an improved ranking of 29 on the Corporate Knights’ Global 100, a list of the world’s most sustainable corporations.

The announcement was made today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, by the Corporate Knights, a Toronto-based media and investment research company. The Global 100, in its 10th year, is recognised as the gold standard in corporate sustainability analysis.

Soaring from its entry position of 66 last year by an impressive 37 spots, StarHub remains the only Singaporean infocommunications provider to have been listed in this prestigious ranking.

Tan Tong Hai, Chief Executive Officer, StarHub said: “We are extremely happy, both to be listed alongside other champions of sustainability from around the world as well as to have improved so markedly in such a rigorous ranking.

“While StarHub is a relatively young company, we have always been committed to conducting business in a sustainable manner. That is why we continuously strive for a more harmonious balance between our economic, social and environmental objectives.”

In 2013, StarHub published its second full-fledged Sustainability Report—certified Application Level B—based on the GRI framework with a 40% increase in the number of indicators covered. They also remained as the only channel for consumers to recycle their electronic waste, planted trees and implemented paperless processes internally and for its consumers, amongst other pro-environmental efforts.

The Global 100 is the most extensive data-driven corporate sustainability assessment in the world. In fact, The Global 100 methodology for evaluating companies’ sustainability or “clean capitalism” performance was cited as a leading global practice (by SustainAbility in their Rate the Raters research program, Phase 4).1

“The Global 100 follows a rules-based index construction methodology,” said Doug Morrow, Managing Director at Corporate Knights. “We unpackage “sustainability” into its component parts, and build the index from the ground up using clearly defined ratios and performance indicators.”

All listed companies with a market capitalization in excess of $US 2 billion—numbering 3,641—were automatically considered in the 2014 Global 100 project. Four screens are employed based on companies’ sustainability disclosure practices, financial health, product category and financial sanctions and companies that pass all four screens constitute the 2014 Global 100 Shortlist. These are then assessed on 12 key performance indicators (KPIs) to select the Global 100.

According to Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights, the Global 100’s out-performance of 3.94% over this period speaks to the investment benefits of sustainability. “The results speak for themselves. Topping a well-diversified benchmark is not easy, but the Global 100 has managed to squeak out marginal out-performance across a turbulent period in the history of the capital markets.”

“Investors are concerned with more than just Profit these days. They are also interested in how companies integrate People and Planet into their triple bottom line,” revealed Mr Tan. “Being listed on and improving our ranking on the Corporate Knights’ Global 100 is a validation of our on-going efforts to be sustainable, and we shall continue our efforts to truly make a difference for our environment.”

For full rankings and other details, please see: www.global100.org or www.corporateknights.com/global100.



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