-Dragon TV and now HaiRun cater to rising demand for China-centric content-

Singapore, 15 January 2014 – StarHub TV’s addition of two highly-anticipated channels, Dragon TV (Channel 832) and now HaiRun (Channel 851), is set to cement its leadership in Asian offerings. These two new channels will cater to increasing demand for content from China, which is gaining recognition for its quality productions coupled with creative scripts.

 Dragon TV (StarHub TV Channel 832)

As Asia’s largest television news production and broadcaster and China’s leading TV channel, Dragon TV is known for its programming with a global vision. Its news segments, which focus on current affairs around the world, garner five hours each day on the 24/7 channel. In addition to its reliable news reporting, the Mandarin channel also provides top-rated dramas, interesting talk-shows and hugely-popular reality shows. Dragon TV singlehandedly created major brands with successful programmes like China’s Got Talent, Let’s Shake It, and Studio No.1.

Dragon TV’s key programming includes Dragon TV Primetime News, the channel’s primary news programme which focuses on major global or home news, up-to-the minute reactions and on-site reporting, One in a Hundred, the highly-rated large-scale dating programme that provides a platform for single young men and women to meet and pursue love on TV, as well as Talk About It, a new talkshow catering to the affluent. Anchored by humourous and witty host Wang Zijian, the programme surrounds hot-button topics, current social issues, and fashion trends.

now HaiRun (StarHub TV Channel 851)

now TV, Hong Kong’s leading pay TV operator, and now HaiRun Media & Entertainment Group, China’s largest private television series production company, joined hands to launch a dedicated Chinese drama channel. Named now HaiRun, the channel provides round-the-clock entertainment for drama aficionados, offering an impressive lineup of critically-acclaimed made-in-China drama series. To ensure suitability for overseas audiences, selected dramas, which are produced by HaiRun Media & Entertainment Group, will be edited and packaged by now TV.

Key programmes for the upcoming months include Shining Days, an idol drama that is partly filmed in Switzerland, revolving around two half-sisters who fall for the same guy; and Everlasting Regret, which stars Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung and Gardner Tse, Best Actor in the 34th Golden Horse Awards—about the life of a legendary Shanghainese beauty whose fading glamour is mirrored by the prosperous growth of the city of Shanghai. Another programme is The 36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin, adapted from a Chinese folktale from the Qing dynasty, and features popular actress Anita Yuen and famous Chinese martial arts actor cum director Wu Jing.

“We are proud to introduce Dragon TV and now HaiRun to our StarHub customers. The addition of these highly sought-after channels augments StarHub TV’s comprehensive Asian lineup and cements our position as the leader in Asian content,” enthused Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit, StarHub.

“The demand for China-centric programmes has surged in recent years since the popularity of reality shows like Perfect Match which took the world by storm. The introduction of Dragon TV on StarHub TV will enable fans of reality programmes to satisfy their viewing needs, while drama lovers can feast on the delectable array of critically-acclaimed dramas lined up on now HaiRun.”

To enjoy Dragon TV and now HaiRun, customers can subscribe to Zhonghua Pack which comes with more of their favourite channels from China, including CCTV-4 (Channel 801) and Shen Zhou News Channel (Channel 807) at a monthly subscription of $10.70 (including GST). Customers can catch the free preview of now HaiRun (Channel 851) and Dragon TV (Channel 832) from 9am on 17 January, to 12pm on 3 February 2014. Customers who sign up for the Zhonghua Pack will enjoy a $2.14 discount off the Pack’s subscription fee for three months. For more information, please visit www.starhub.com/tv.