04 March 2014

Singapore, 4 March 2014 – While business outlook is generally positive for 2014, enterprises both large and small must leverage new technology developments to work smarter to remain relevant in the marketplace.

Speaking to a business audience at StarHub Synnovation 2014, a business tech event held at Raffles City Convention Centre today, StarHub’s Chief Commercial Officer Mr Kevin Lim said technology disruption is fast changing the way that business is conducted and enterprises must address both the challenges and opportunities the new digital world brings.

Research are forecasting that cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and the Internet of Things will come together in a massive disruptive wave that completely transforms the way business is conducted across the world. It is the wave which Gartner has called “the third era of enterprise IT”, and IDC refers to as “the third platform”.

“Enterprises must take advantage of digital technologies and the platforms that they enable, such as cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and the Internet of Things to transform product experiences, create stronger customer relationship, improve operational efficiency and target new opportunities and markets,” Mr Lim added.

Mr Lim said enterprises know their industries well but may not understand how best to leverage the technologies to address all the challenges and opportunities the new digital world brings, and this is where StarHub comes in, to support the business growth of enterprises with the right technology and smart solutions to realise productivity, flexibility and innovation benefits.

“StarHub is in a unique position to help enterprises to grow smarter, using ICT technologies and solutions. We offer cloud platforms and services that enable enterprise mobility; we are working on big data analytics that provides insights on consumer trends and behaviours; and our M2M platform enables real-time data from connected devices and machines to support better business decisions. Our business philosophy is simple. We want to be the trusted partner that helps our customers build capabilities and differentiate their offering so that they can better serve their own customers,” concluded Mr Lim.

Examples of StarHub’s smart solutions showcased at StarHub Synnovation 2014 include:

StarHub SmartHub Solution
With SmartHub, business organisations can leverage StarHub’s extensive pool of data and analytic expertise, to gain deep insights into customer behaviour. As such, they can develop more innovative and effective applications to enhance their operations or planning.

StarHub Argonar Cloud Service
StarHub’s Argonar offers organisations a high performance, reliable, scalable and secure cloud platform that meets their dynamic computing and storage needs. The self-service provisioning platform makes computing in the cloud a breeze.

Argonar has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 security certification, an internationally recognised information security management system standard. Having met the stringent IT and business requirements of the government sector, Argonar has been included in IDA’s list of public cloud service providers for reference by government organisations and education institutes, that help them to quickly roll out services in the cloud.

StarHub M2M Solution
This M2M platform gives enterprise customers the ability to efficiently manage connected devices or machines rolled out across Singapore, over StarHub’s nationwide mobile network. It is a self-service and scalable tool which enables partners and customers to deploy connected devices quickly and efficiently, manage them in real time, receive updates and deliver support, giving customers an accurate overview of their business processes that facilitates informed and timely business decisions.

More than 600 business delegates attended StarHub Synnovation 2014, which was held for the second time.