06 November 2014

Singapore, 6 November 2014 – Viewers in Singapore can now enjoy movies by Malaysia’s celebrated director Ahmad Idham on StarHub TV at the same time, on the same day as cinema audiences in Malaysia. This is thanks to a new agreement—the first of its kind in Singapore—between StarHub and Ahmad Idham, which will see the director’s movies debut on StarHub’s On Demand Channel, Blockbuster Hangat (StarHub TV Channel 117) and StarHub TV Anywhere concurrently with their theatrical releases in Malaysia.

Ahmad Idham, an award-winning director, started out as an actor in the late 1990s. He turned to movie directing after a filmmaking stint with Metrowealth Production, Malaysia’s leading production house. Idham became an established name in the industry after his movies such as Hantu Bonceng and Adnan Sempit topped Malaysia’s box office collections. As a director, Idham is known to inject new perspectives into each of his movies so as to offer an element of surprise for his audience.

Misi Tawan Baby, Ahmad Idham’s first movie to premiere on Blockbuster Hangat on 13 November, is a romantic comedy with plenty of action. The movie delves into the camaraderie among mountain bikers, the unspoken ties that bind family members, the heartfelt emotions when characters are faced with conflicts or self-doubt, and explores the relationship between the male and female leads acted by popular Malaysian artistes Kamal Adli and Erin Malek.
In addition to Kamal and Erin, the cast also includes Singaporean actor Fido Ahdross who is featured alongside veteran artistes like Cat Farish, Raja Ema and Zulin Aziz. Fido, a household name within the Malay community in Singapore, is known for his roles in local drama productions like Selamat Malam Maria and Hingga Akhir Nanti. Fido proved his acting abilities when he clinched the ‘Most Promising Actor’ award last year at the prestigious Pesta Perdana Singapore which honours the best in Singapore’s Malay media industry.
Apart from Misi Tawan Baby, StarHub viewers can also look forward to Ahmad Idham’s upcoming movie, Ophilia and Harmonika, which will premiere on Blockbuster Hangat in December and in 2015 respectively. A story on overcoming negative societal perceptions, Ophilia is funny and bittersweet at the same time, while in Harmonika, an author who does not believe in supernatural sees tragedies befall on his family.
Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit, StarHub said, “Blockbuster Hangat was introduced last year to offer our Malay customers the latest titles two weeks after their cinema releases in Malaysia.  Today, thanks to this partnership with director Ahmad Idham, StarHub customers are now able to watch his movies on Blockbuster Hangat the same day they debut on Malaysia’s silver screens. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to continually provide the most exciting and freshest content for all segments of our customers.”
To commemorate the debut of Misi Tawan Baby on Blockbuster Hangat, the cast comprising Erin Malik, Kamal Adli, Fido Ahdross, Cat Farish and director Ahmad Idham met with media and fans in an exclusive session held at StarHub Green today.
Misi Tawan Baby premieres on Blockbuster Hangat (StarHub TV Channel 117) and StarHub TV Anywhere via www.starhubtvanywhere.com on 13 November and costs $10.70 (including GST). For more information, please visit www.starhub.com/tv.