27 May 2015
- Southeast Asia's first 4X4 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) trial to demonstrate 600Mbps data transmission speeds
- Nokia Networks underscores industry-leading capabilities in MIMO and LTE-Advanced in joint trial with StarHub
- Reaffirms commitment to boost network performance through next-generation technology

Singapore, 27 May 2015 - Marking a Southeast Asia-first milestone, Singapore's second-largest mobile operator, StarHub, today successfully demonstrated 600Mbps peak download speeds using Nokia Networks' 4X4 MIMO technology with LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation in a technical trial conducted at its headquarters. Future mobile networks will need to use massive MIMO technologies to address hundreds of thousands of data applications sharing the same network, each with its own requirements.

The 600Mbps data transmission speeds were achieved through combined 4x4 MIMO technology, along with Carrier Aggregation, to reach LTE-Advanced data speeds.

In addition, StarHub and Nokia Networks have successfully tested 3-band carrier aggregation using a commercial mobile device. The successful trials of 4x4 MIMO and multiband carrier aggregation pave the way towards even faster mobile broadband in future.

Brief summary of Nokia Networks' solutions implemented to enable the trial:
- Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station with LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation
- LTE-Advanced 4X4 MIMO technology that doubles download speeds using four transmit and four receive antennas for communication between a mobile device and the base station
- The company's experienced network implementation personnel supported the trial

Mock Pak Lum, Chief Technology Officer, StarHub, said: "4G is still on the evolution path, and we are readying ourselves to meet the ever-growing demand for bandwidth-heavy applications and services on faster, more advanced smartphones. Through this demonstration of our LTE-Advanced capabilities, we want to reiterate our focus on leveraging latest technologies to provide our customers with the best possible service experience."

Ray Owen, Head of Singapore, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, Nokia Networks, said: "The demand for data continues to peak, even as operators evolve their networks to address the related opportunities and challenges. With this trial, we have proven that our technology is suitably equipped to help StarHub in coping with the forthcoming data deluge, a scenario wherein networks have to be ready to deal with download demands of gigabytes per person per day."