27 May 2016

StarHub’s CMO and three young Nurture beneficiaries braved the shave for the first time to give back to the community

Singapore, 27 May 2016 – In its biggest turnout to date, 122 people—100 StarHub employees, 16 business partners, three customers and three young Nurture beneficiaries—rallied at StarHub’s headquarters this afternoon to shave their heads at info-communications provider’s Hair for Hope 2016 satellite event, in support of children with cancer and their families. Chief Marketing Officer Howie Lau led the charge as StarHub’s first C-level Executive to participate in this initiative.

Hair for Hope is Children’s Cancer Foundation’s (CCF) annual head-shaving event to raise funds and childhood cancer awareness. In its fifth consecutive year supporting the Hair for Hope initiative, StarHub pledged to donate $1000 for every employee, customer or business partner who shaved under its umbrella.

Howie started the razor buzzing as the first person to have his head shaved. Supporting the cause to go bald for the first time, Howie expressed his wish for children with cancer to continue to fight courageously against the disease, “As a father myself, it’s easy to imagine the pain of these children suffering from cancer at such a young age. I can’t share their pain, so perhaps shaving my head can help to raise some funds. Hopefully these funds will help lessen the burden for the children and their families affected by childhood cancer.  I am also very happy that my son, Gareth, has volunteered to shave his head for this cause.”

Three other special first-time participants are brothers Alex and Christopher Chong, aged 10 and 12, and Abdul Thaslim, 18. They are themselves beneficiaries of Central Singapore Community Development Council’s (CDC) Nurture 2.0 Programme. Since 2011, StarHub has been the sole sponsor of Nurture, a volunteer-driven reading programme that provides learning opportunities for and enables children from low-income families to improve their English language literacy and numeracy. Last year, the programme was extended to include five additional modules:  environmental awareness, IT, learning journeys, community service and free play as well. When asked why they came forward, the siblings shared: “We come from a poor family and cannot donate money. We are happy that we are able to help children with cancer by shaving our heads.”

The boys’ participation inspired and drew the support of three staff members from Central Singapore CDC, including Ms Loo Hwei Kwin, one of the seven females who went bald with StarHub this afternoon.  Ms Loo said, “We applaud StarHub for doing their part not only for children who fall behind academically, but also children with cancer.  We are so proud of Alex and Christopher’s selfless acts. Indeed, everyone can choose to be enablers no matter who they are and how much or little they may have.”

Fifth-time shavee, Patrick Sia from Customer Service said, “Hair gone today is greater hope for the children tomorrow. Since StarHub is donating $1000 for every shavee, I am more than happy to shave for the cause each year to raise funds for children with cancer and their families.”

StarHub will donate $122,000 to the CCF, fulfilling its promise to donate $1000 for each shavee under its Hair for Hope 2016 umbrella. In addition, the brave acts by the participants also drew $28,527 in online donations from the public.

Those who are interested in supporting StarHub’s efforts can make an online donation at https://hairforhope.org.sg/donation/2/154 until 30 September 2016.