23 November 2016

Singapore, 23 November 2016 – Nature lovers in Singapore will be the first in Asia to enjoy Love Nature HD (StarHub TV Channel 416) on 25 November 2016, 9am. Broadcast in stunning high definition, Love Nature HD will bring viewers on a visual journey through its slate of natural history, outdoor and environmental programming.

With over 300 hours of original natural history programming produced per year, Love Nature will offer content designed to inspire, educate and entertain. This includes thought-provoking programmes which highlight important environmental issues of the day such as wildlife conservation.

“We are excited that customers will be able to immerse themselves and discover all the wonders of the natural world through Love Nature HD’s original programming. Our Earth is filled with amazing places and we want to showcase its beauty to the widest audience possible. Hence, we are making the channel available on our FreeView tier, so all StarHub TV customers can access it,” said Lee Soo Hui, Head of Content & TV, StarHub.

"We are extremely excited about our collaboration with StarHub which will allow us to reach out to wildlife and nature lovers across Singapore with our unforgettable, cutting-edge and breathtaking content. With our commitment to conservation, it connects viewers with causes that truly matter to them, inspiring them and propelling them to take conscious steps to help solve conservation challenges and making a real difference to the natural world. Love Nature is not just television, it’s a community - come join us on StarHub," said Jo Parkinson, Managing Director, Love Nature International.

Some of the upcoming programming on Love Nature HD will include:

Waterworld Africa [26 November, 9pm] – The mighty waterways of Africa define this incredible continent. This series explores the creatures that live on, under and around them. This ranges from the hippos and crocodiles of the Okavango Delta to the enigmatic waving of colourful mangrove crabs and mudskippers on the coastline of South Africa.

Wildlife Icons [26 November, 10pm] – This series shines the spotlight on the animals for which Africa is so well known. Be it the iconic ‘Big Five’ of the savannah, charismatic primates or vast herds of antelope, every animal is full of surprises.

Land of Primates [27 November, 9pm] – Primates are unique mammals which took a great leap during the course of evolution to enlarge their brains and become the most intelligent animals on our planet. The primate world includes lemurs and bush babies, tarsiers and pottos, monkeys and apes, and of course humans. In this series, we travel the continent to find out what makes them so successful. From the remote highlands of Ethiopia, across the savannahs of Southern Africa to the island kingdom of Madagascar – each location has a new story to tell.

Love Nature HD will be a FreeView channel, complimentary to all StarHub TV customers. An HD set-top box is required to access the channel.