25 October 2016

Singapore, 25 October 2016, 3:04pm – On 24 October 2016 at about 10pm, we detected a spike in data traffic coming into our Domain Name Servers (DNS), temporarily affecting the web connection for some of our home broadband customers. A DNS is a database that translates web addresses like www.nameofwebsite.com into machine readable sets of digits or known as IP addresses, for customers to view websites on their computers. When a DNS is not operating optimally, customers may face difficulty in accessing the internet.

We immediately started filtering the unwanted traffic and added DNS capacity to manage the sudden and huge increase in traffic load. As a result, some customers temporarily faced intermittent broadband access. Our home broadband service for affected customers was fully restored at about 11:25pm the same day.

There was no impact on mobile, enterprise and home voice services, and the security of our customers’ information was not compromised.

Initial investigation pointed to some similarities between the incidents on 24 October and 22 October 2016. We are conducting thorough investigations to determine the root cause.

StarHub would like to thank our customers for their understanding.