23 September 2016

Singapore, 23 September 2016 – Curious minds can look forward to a brand new education channel on StarHub TV with the launch of Smithsonian Channel HD (StarHub TV Channel 415) on 27 September 2016. Smithsonian Channel HD will feature award-winning original content across a wide range of historical, scientific and cultural topics, all in high definition.

Inspired by the world-famous Smithsonian Institution–the world's largest museum, education and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities–Smithsonian Channel HD will entertain while showcasing awe-inspiring stories and powerful documentaries, shining new light on popular genres such as air and space, history, science, nature, and pop culture.

“We are excited that StarHub TV customers will be first in Asia to enjoy Smithsonian Channel HD. With countless hours of original programming, the addition of this channel shows our commitment to our education offering. The learning never stops on StarHub TV and we will continue looking for content which entertains and inspires our customers,” said Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Content & TV, StarHub.

“The launch of Smithsonian Channel in Singapore is another step in our ongoing efforts to expand the brand to an international audience,” added Tom Hayden, President, Smithsonian Channel. “We are proud to bring our award-winning and diverse programming to StarHub TV customers.”

The agreement to launch these new channels was brokered by Asia’s leading distributor of independent pay TV channels – Multi Channels Asia and reflects the widening trend to embrace distinctive and uniquely targeted channels that engage with passionate audiences.

Some of the upcoming programming on Smithsonian Channel HD will include:

Islands of Creation (29 September, 6pm) – a one-hour special that chronicles the biologist Albert Uy’s attempt to do something Charles Darwin and Ernst Mayr never accomplished: catch evolution in the act of creating new species in the jungles of a remote archipelago in the South Pacific.

Asian Tsunami: The Deadliest Wave (15 October, 8pm) – it's the deadliest tsunami on record, causing 230,000 deaths and incredibly costly financial damages. Triggered by a massive undersea quake off the coast of Indonesia, the 2004 Asian tsunami pounded Indian Ocean coastlines with waves up to 100 feet high, catching victims and the world's leading scientists by storm. Are we better prepared for the next big one? Where will the next one hit? See how early warning systems are currently being developed and meet the lucky few who survived this epic disaster.

Uncommon Courage: Breakout at Chosin (10 October, 9pm) – in 1950, he led five hundred Marines through a blizzard to save eight thousand more from certain capture. But his greatest victory may have been changing the way the United States regards Asian Americans. Meet Lt. Chew-Een Lee, whose patriotism and bravery ushered in a new era in the Marines...and in America.

Unbelievable Flying Objects (11 October, 8pm) – in the history of aviation, there were some ideas that didn't quite...fly. From the bizarre vertical "Pogo" plane to the disastrous Goblin, nicknamed the "Flying Egg," we take an in-depth probe of some magnificent men and their not so magnificent flying machines.

Aerial America (28 September, 7pm) – the popular series that uses breathtaking aerial cinematography to reveal what makes each of the 50 United States unique - from beautiful natural landmarks, to sites of important turning points in history, to fascinating locations far off the beaten path… and the rich variety of wildlife that calls each state home.

Million Dollar American Princesses (28 September, 10am) – the acclaimed series that chronicles the fascinating in-depth stories of real-life American heiresses who inspired the TV drama Downton Abbey.

Smithsonian Channel HD will be available on the Education Basic HD Upsize. New and existing Education Basic HD Upsize customers will be able to watch the channel through their set-top box and smart devices on StarHub Go at no additional charge. To give customers a taste of Smithsonian Channel HD, a free preview of the channel will be available for all StarHub TV customers with HD set-top boxes from launch to 10 October 2016, 12 noon. An HD set-top box is required to access the channel.

Non-StarHub TV customers can watch Smithsonian Channel HD on their smart devices via Go Select on StarHub Go for $9.90 per month (w/GST). StarHub Mobile customers will not incur any data charges while streaming content on StarHub Go. All StarHub postpaid customers can enjoy the convenience of charging their StarHub Go subscriptions to their monthly bills. StarHub Go customers can also get a 30-day pass using their credit cards or the iOS in-app purchase option.