28 April 2017

EZ-Link, FOX, HungryGoWhere, NETS, Singapore Press Holdings, Singtel Dash and WTS Travel to accept Mobile Connect digital logins backed by M1, Singtel and StarHub

Singapore, 27 April 2017 – Singapore mobile users can look forward to logging in to EZ-Link, FOX Networks Group, HungryGoWhere, NETS, Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH), Singtel Dash, and WTS Travel websites and apps conveniently without having to register or remember their access details such as usernames and passwords for each of these digital services. Instead, they will soon enjoy logging in to the services via Mobile Connect, a trusted mobile authentication solution that offers greater online security, privacy and improved user experience.

With Mobile Connect, online service providers will be able to offer simpler sign-ups, reduce customer frustration and abandoned transactions due to authentication issues, and increase the likelihood of repeat business. Their customers will benefit too - they can simply and securely log in using their mobile numbers to top up stored value, stream video content, read news, buy travel services and make mobile payments.To protect customers’ privacy, a unique personal code will secure access to services that require greater levels of security. No information will be made available to service providers without their permission.

The seamless digital experience is made possible by the GSMA Mobile Connect authentication solution developed by the GSMA, which represents nearly 800 operators worldwide including M1 Limited (M1), Singtel and StarHub. Mobile Connect has been launched by 52 operators in 29 countries.

“The support by so many of Singapore’s top service providers, within the short period of time since the solution was announced, is testament to the incredible power and value of the Mobile Connect digital identity solution. We look forward to working with more service providers to deliver their services conveniently and securely to their customers,” said Ms Karen Kooi, Chief Executive Officer, M1.

“This marks the first time the industry has come together to work on a solution that brings convenience to both business owners and consumers. Seamless, secure and convenient buying experiences are real currency in our increasingly digital economy and we expect more businesses to jump on board and implement Mobile Connect,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

"We are happy to receive strong support from companies that share our vision of simplifying life using technology. As Singapore pushes ahead to become a Smart Nation, we are jointly developing a digital identity solution for businesses and consumers to enjoy greater convenience and security in digital transactions. We believe the traditional norms of managing multiple usernames and passwords will soon become history," said Mr Tan Tong Hai, Chief Executive Officer, StarHub.

In November 2016, M1, Singtel and StarHub announced a collaboration to launch Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect-supported online services are expected to be available later this year.

Online service providers’ quotes:

“Providing FOX fans with a quick and easy way to start watching their favourite TV series, movies and sports is an important part of meeting their entertainment needs. We are continually looking for ways to improve the experience we give customers on FOX Networks Group’s digital platforms, so we are really excited to be a launch partner in this innovative initiative,” said Mr Rohit D’Silva, Executive Vice President, Commercial, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, FOX Networks Group Asia.

“Since HungryGoWhere offers delivery and takeaway services for our customers to order and pay through mobile, the platform that offers convenience of use and security becomes top priority. Mobile Connect takes this to the next level,” said Mr Frank Young, Chief Executive Officer, HungryGoWhere.

“Mobile Connect makes it easier for consumers to pay on their mobile devices by authenticating, authorising or identifying themselves securely with a single log-in solution on our eNETS online payment gateway. The enhanced security and convenience will translate into higher online transactions for our eNETS merchants. For NETS, this is one step ahead in fostering greater seamless transactions for online and mobile payments in the digital world we are living in,” said Mr Alvin Seck, Deputy Head of Business Services, NETS.

“SPH plans to enable Mobile Connect as an alternative login option under its ‘mySPH’ login system. With Mobile Connect, customers will be able to log in quickly and conveniently to SPH’s Mobile and Web services without the need to remember their user name and password. This simple yet secure authentication will greatly enhance user experience,” said Mr Julian Tan, Executive Vice President, Digital Division, SPH.

“With the adoption of Mobile Connect, Singtel Dash can take secure log-ins to the next level. We look forward to offering our customers a seamless way to pay with their mobile across retail, online and in-app merchants. Such convenience will help accelerate the adoption for mobile payments and is a boon for the mobile payments industry,” said Miss Gan Siok Hoon, Vice President of mCommerce at Singtel Consumer Singapore.