31 May 2017

Singapore, 31 May 2017 – Starting tomorrow (1 June), StarHub Mobile postpaid customers will be able to share a portion of their local data bundle, including upsized data, across multiple mobile lines under the same billing account.

Unlike typical shared data pool offerings, StarHub’s new value-added service called DataShare will offer customers a balance between control and flexibility. With just a few taps on the My StarHub app or through StarHub’s My Account web portal at www.starhub.com/myaccount, DataShare users will be able to allocate on-the-fly between 1GB and 12GB of shareable data in total as well as freely adjust the proportion in 1GB denominations every month.

“We recognise that usage patterns even within families are diverse, with some having more than enough data and others in want. This is a challenge that DataShare has been designed to overcome. With DataShare, our customers will be able to choose when, with whom and how much to share, optimising data usage and cost for the family,” said Ms Wang Li-Na, Head, Segment & Marketing, StarHub.

DataShare, when paired with the DataJump data upsize option, will offer much larger data bundles perfect for sharing.

Example: A 4G 6 customer on DataJump and DataShare, having 21GB of data in total, will be able to allocate up to 12GB of data for sharing with the other mobile lines in the same account. The data allocations can be amended at any time depending on the family’s data usage needs. Other things being equal, a 4G 4 customer with 9GB of data in total will have up to 8GB of shareable data. 1GB of data will be retained for donors’ use.

From tomorrow, existing and new customers on StarHub’s latest plans, namely, 4G, 4G SIM Only, SurfHub and HomeHub Go, will be able to enjoy DataShare at a promotional monthly rate of $2.14 (U.P: $10.70), valid till further notice. There is no activation charge for DataShare, and its monthly fee is fixed regardless of the number of tweaks in data allocation or recipients.