11 August 2018

Singapore, 11 August 2018 – Today, StarHub presents the World’s Fastest Band in celebration of StarHub’s OpenSignal Speed Awards 2018 win. Click here to catch its maiden music video.

“StarHub clocked Singapore’s fastest 4G and 3G speeds according to OpenSignal! Network quality is essential to us and our customers, and we want to celebrate our achievement with a musical masterpiece created by a sextet of the world’s fastest,” said Mr Donovan Kik, Vice President, Segment & Marketing, StarHub. “Notwithstanding this achievement, we will continue working hard to fulfil our customers’ needs and expectations.”

In the same OpenSignal report, it was noted that StarHub achieved an average 4G speed score that was three times the global average. These results are from OpenSignal’s independent analysis of 185,297,150 on-device measurements recorded by 11,742 users during the period Feb 1 - May 1, 2018.

The music video picks up with an introduction of all six members making tunes with unconventional ‘instruments’ before going full prestissimo and meshing the individual sounds they make into a spirited symphony.

In order of appearance:

  1. Russell Horning a.k.a. The Backpack Kid, world’s fastest floss dancer
  2. António Domingos, world’s fastest pianist
  3. Satoyuki Fujimura, world’s fastest finger snapper
  4. Sadatoshi Watanabe, world’s fastest bum skipper
  5. Muhammad Rashid, world’s fastest head smasher
  6. Tony Valente, world’s fastest nunchaku master

The World’s Fastest Band has begun its tour on StarHub’s Facebook and Instagram profiles. Catch them on StarHub TV and YouTube channels as well as Golden Village screens in the coming weeks.



Russell Horning a.k.a. The Backpack Kid

Dubbed ‘The Backpack Kid’ by the internet, Russell Horning is an Instagram sensation who first shot to fame in 2015 for his signature dance move – flossing, which involves rapidly swinging his arms around his body while moving his hips and maintaining an expressionless glare. Since then, he has flossed with Katy Perry for her performance of “Swish Swish” on SNL, been featured by Rihanna and garnered over 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

António Domingos

António Domingos holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Piano Key Hits in One Minute”. He clinched the title in 2017 when he achieved the formidable feat of 824 hits in one minute. António also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the art of extreme piano playing, featuring some of the most difficult piano compositions ever written played at lightning fast speed.

Satoyuki Fujimura

21-year-old university student Satoyuki Fujimura performed 296 snaps in one minute to ink his name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest finger snapper in 2016! In fact, he snapped so fast that the official adjudicators had to replay his performance in slow motion alongside professional sound engineers to verify the official count. Satoyuki picked up finger snapping from his mother just one year ago before his record-breaking performance.

Sadatoshi Watanabe

Sadatoshi Watanabe broke the Guinness World Record in 2017 with a total of 104 bum skips in 30 seconds. The world’s fastest bum skipper has been practising one to two hours a day for over 16 years. In fact, he loves skipping so much, he dreams about it at night! Watch his record-breaking performance here.

Muhammad Rashid

Martial artist Muhammad Rashid has over 20 Guinness World Records to his name. He has smashed coconuts, watermelons, beer cans and even removed bottle caps with his head of steel. But he is not done yet. He wants to break at least 30 more records in his lifetime. When Muhammad’s not breaking world records, he spends his time training his students at the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts to do so.

Tony Valente, World’s Fastest Nunchaku Master

Since he started his martial arts training in 1973, Tony Valente has fought in championships all around the world, including Japan’s prestigious K-1. He has also been featured in two video games, and trained many celebrities including Jim Kelly from Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon”. But what truly sets Tony apart is his unreal nunchaku speed!