05 December 2018

Goodbye confusion, hello simplicity
No to contracts and hidden fees, yes to data-free apps

Singapore, 5 December 2018 – StarHub, having reignited its challenger spirit, is introducing a trio of unique SIM Only plans. Built based on customers’ preferences and to eliminate the annoyance of traditional mobile plans, StarHub’s new contract-free options give customers extra-large data bundles and are easy to buy, use and modify.

At the heart of what StarHub does from here on out is simplicity for the customer. StarHub is marking the start of its “Hello Change” journey to do different and better, with a video that acknowledges the voice of the customer and highlights the premise for change.

“We hate to admit it, but people do not rate telcos highly. This is a regrettable reality, and we are determined to earn back customers’ trust and be the telco that they deserve,” said Mr Johan Buse, Chief of Consumer Business Group, StarHub. “The transformation of our mobile plans is just the start. Team StarHub is challenging the norms, and customers can look forward to seeing positive changes across our entire range of products and services. We will work harder than ever before for the right to take pole position in the hearts and minds of our customers.”

Starting tomorrow, customers will have just three mobile plans to choose from, namely $25 SIM Only, $50 SIM Only and $80 SIM Only. The mid-tier plan is the market’s most attractive option. For $50 a month, it offers customers a total of 40GB, which is made up of 30GB plus a launch bonus of 10GB.

All three plans are truly contract-free. Customers are not bound by any minimum subscription commitment period. In addition, two previously chargeable add-on services – Caller Number Display (Caller ID) and International Roaming – now come free-of-charge for customers. This means immediate savings of $15.35 a month.

Customers who want to modify their plans can do so using the My StarHub app. They can enjoy the flexibility of stacking on more of what they need, when they need it, without any one-time fees. Android users will be the first to enjoy this feature; the iOS app will be updated within the next two weeks.

The plans are devoid of hidden charges for customers to enjoy peace-of-mind. In a market-first, StarHub is scrapping all one-time administrative, activation and SIM card fees, which add up to about $200 over 12 months for a typical customer.

The first 10,000 customers to sign up will get additional 10GB every month for a year. There are no surprise charges, as this bonus will end automatically. Customers who want to get a discounted phone can simply top up $25 per month. These customers will get the same 10GB bonus for the full 24-month term.

Customers can visit www.starhub.com/mobile from 9am tomorrow to select their favourite plan and arrange for free home delivery. They can also sign up at any StarHub Shop.

Pricing table:

Contract-free plans

$25 SIM Only

$50 SIM Only

$80 SIM Only

Monthly rate




Local data bundle

(Launch bonus: additional 10GB for a year free-of-charge)


(3GB + 10GB)


(30GB + 10GB)


(60GB + 10GB)

Local talktime

100 minutes

300 minutes

500 minutes

Free incoming calls

Included free-of-charge

Caller Number Display & International Roaming
($15.35 savings a month)

Need more? Anytime!

(Absolutely no administrative fee)


Unlimited weekend at $6 a month

Enjoy data-free access on popular apps from $6 a month

10GB at $10 a month

1GB for three days at $3


Get data for use across multiple travel destinations with DataTravel from $5


800 minutes at $10 a month

Unlimited minutes at $18 a month


500 SMS at $3 a month

For the full list, please visit www.starhub.com/mobile from tomorrow.