First mobile prepaid app integrated with remittance services
Zero fees for customers’ first money transfer

Singapore, 14 December 2020 – StarHub Mobile Prepaid customers can now easily send money to family and friends across a large footprint of over 40 countries in as quickly as a day through the StarHub Prepaid app, which now comes integrated with digital remittance in partnership with Singapore fintech and licensed Major Payment Institution Pay2Home.

Customers enjoy unparalleled digital convenience and transparency, saying goodbye to queues and the need for appointment bookings. Everything – from verifying identity to checking daily-updated currency rates, transferring money and managing prepaid accounts – is done in a simple, unified manner.

As an exclusive perk, StarHub Mobile Prepaid customers will be able to make the first remittance free-of-charge. For subsequent remittance, there is only a low flat transaction fee to expect, that is shared upfront prior to customers settling their transfers.

“Using just a single app, our mobile prepaid customers are able to support and connect with their loved ones in more ways than one. Collaborating with Pay2Home, we are delighted to give customers the best experience and meet their increasing demand for secure 24x7 contactless mobile remittance,” said Donovan Kik, Vice President of Mobile Marketing, StarHub. “This partnership builds upon the work we did during Singapore’s circuit breaker. In April 2020 we collaboratively made available more top-up channels, including Pay2Home Money Transfer Machines at Singapore Expo community care facilities and dozens of dormitories, to help our migrant worker community stay in touch with family and friends, safely and conveniently.”

“High on migrant workers’ list of priorities are connectivity, communication with their families back home, and the ability to help support them financially by sending money to cover housing education, medical and a multitude of other family needs. We see this partnership with StarHub as a synergistic collaboration that revolves around convenience, financial inclusion and building firmly on Singapore Government initiatives like Go Digital and a mandate for businesses to reinvent in the new norm,” said David Hulme, Co-founder and Director, Pay2Home.

Signing up for the Pay2Home remittance service through the StarHub Prepaid app is free, easy and secure. Customers can thereafter fund their remittance through cashless or cash means, and according to their preference, transfer it to over 500,000 destination points across the Pay2Home network of more than 40 countries.

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