Customers enjoy the simplest, most flexible loyalty rewards with StarHub’s new Hub Club Go membership

Singapore, 5 July 2021 – In response to the popularity of SIM Only plans among customers, StarHub today announced the launch of Hub Club Go, the first loyalty programme in Singapore to extend multi-service discounts to StarHub’s SIM Only customers. Typically excluded from membership programmes, StarHub has levelled the playing field for this segment of customers to say hello to mobile subscription discounts of up to 30%. The more lines they have with StarHub, the more they will save.

In addition, customers on Mobile+ SIM Only – StarHub’s latest line-only plans with access to one of Singapore’s widest 5G networks – qualify for the same attractive discounts under Hub Club Go. Concurrently, they will enjoy superior network quality for streaming, surfing and gaming on StarHub Mobile.

Hub Club Go offers customers a fully digital experience. Aside from enjoying savings on mobile lines, customers have easy access to a comprehensive dashboard in the My StarHub app to track their combined monthly savings under Hub Club Go. The app presents customers with a clear overview of the subscription fee savings from their own mobile lines and that of their nominees; as well as allows them to nominate family mobile lines with just one tap. 

“We value and appreciate every customer for selecting StarHub as their preferred telco and trusting us with their communication and entertainment needs. We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our service to them. Riding on the increasing popularity of fuss-free SIM Only plans, we have boldly created a loyalty programme which delivers unparalleled value, deeper personalisation, and enhanced simplicity for all our customers, including our growing SIM Only customer base, in a landmark move to do differently and better,” said Johan Buse, Chief, Consumer Business Group, StarHub. 

Membership made simple

There are now more ways for StarHub customers to start enjoying membership perks. To enjoy Hub Club Go membership, all they need is to subscribe to three or more qualifying StarHub services – two mobile lines and one broadband subscription or one service each from mobile, TV+ and broadband.

Customers with more mobile lines get bigger rewards. This includes both postpaid and SIM Only plans over $15 per month. Customers with five or six lines will get the ultimate discount of 30% off their mobile subscriptions. As for those with one to four lines, they will enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 25% – a generous 5% discount increment for each additional line.

To illustrate this, a HomeHub+ customer with a Mobile+ $38 SIM Only plan will instantly become a Hub Club Go member. With 10% off mobile subscription, this customer will enjoy cost savings of close to $4 every month. By nominating four other StarHub Mobile+ $38 SIM Only lines, this customer will get a boost in discounts to 30% – saving a whopping total of $57 monthly.

The benefits do not end there. As part of the multi-service bundle, HomeHub+ customers receive access to Netflix (usual price: $15.98/month), and for those with a second TV+ pass, access to Disney+ (usual price: $11.98/month) as well, to enhance their entertainment experience. On Disney+, they can catch the latest Disney+ Originals including Marvel Studios’ Loki, Star Wars: The Bad Batch and The Mysterious Benedict Society, as well as films such as Luca and Raya and the Last Dragon; while on Netflix, they will have access to a selection of documentaries, feature films and Netflix series such as Sweet Tooth, Lupin Part 2 and Hospital Playlist: Season 2. With great value and variety, HomeHub+ is the best all-in-one plan to satisfy customers’ communication and entertainment needs – now made sweeter with Hub Club Go. 

Existing Hub Club members will automatically be enrolled into Hub Club Go when they sign up for a new service, renew their current services, or request to be upgraded via the My StarHub app. Members enjoy a wide variety of lifestyle rewards, from entertainment to dining and retail merchants.

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