03 November 2021

First end-to-end prioritised communications solution for emergency responders, transportation providers and construction sites
Only solution that offers Push-to-Video for ‘live’ low-latency transmission from ruggedised camera phones

Singapore, 3 November 2021 – StarHub today announced the launch of Singapore’s first 5G-capable mission critical communications solution, enabling enterprises and government agencies to communicate with specified groups of people simply by pressing a Push-to-Talk (PTT) button. Named StarHub SmartPTT, the new solution sets up an encrypted enterprise-grade network over StarHub 5G and 4G connectivity, for identified mobile phones to function just like walkie-talkies or two-way radios – boosted with crystal-clear quality, unlimited range nationwide, and first-of-its-kind ‘live’ video feeds.

“With 5G and in compliance with 3GPP mission critical PTT standards, we are delivering to customers a more attractive alternative to decades-old proprietary communications services. Built into our core infrastructure, StarHub SmartPTT offers enterprises and government agencies the highest priority for network usage, robust service reliability, and real-time connections. A key differentiator is our market-first introduction of Push-to-Video. From sending video snippets to setting up continuous streams, the solution allows emergency field teams to gain better situational awareness and to respond more effectively in a crisis,” said Charlie Chan, Chief, Enterprise Business Group, StarHub.

StarHub SmartPTT is a one-stop solution comprising islandwide 5G/4G connectivity, ruggedised PTT devices, customisable user application, training, and comprehensive after-sales support with guaranteed response times. Customers just need to liaise with a single party for all of their instant and critical communication needs.

In addition, the solution offers a dispatch console for organisations to integrate voice, video, instant messaging, and CCTV feeds. Through this unified web interface, dispatchers can in real-time manage PTT groups and services, listen in to conversations, monitor video feeds, define geo-fencing limits and alarms, and activate voice recording.

With assured Quality of Service on StarHub SmartPTT, all PTT calls will always be given dedicated bandwidth and treated as top priority traffic. Even if there is network congestion, users will be able to talk, share videos, and text one another with no impact to service.

Starting today, customers can pair StarHub SmartPTT with the RugGear RG360 phone, which comes with a large dedicated PTT button, noise-cancelling dual microphones, and powerful front-facing speaker. Featuring 18 hours of battery life, this Android phone has the highest dust- and water-proof rating of IP68 and is MIL-STD-810H certified. Ruggedised 5G phones models are expected to reach Singapore shores next year.

StarHub SmartPTT is suitable for use across various industries, including public safety, aviation, construction, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation, among others. For more information or to request for a demo, please visit www.starhub.com/SmartPTT.