15 August 2022

We thank our customers for their continued support, as we work to deliver a good Premier League viewing experience. We are glad to confirm that the OTT streaming quality has steadily shown improvement with most of the initial technical issues ironed out, and our customers can enjoy the games smoothly. We are also heartened that our IPTV service has remained robust throughout. This has been a humbling learning experience for us, and we are grateful for the patience and understanding from our customers, who have graciously given us the time to augment and improve our product.  To assist customers to enjoy the games seamlessly, we have shared more information about optimal set-ups at www.starhub.com/pl-experience, and about trouble shooting tips at www.starhub.com/pl-troubleshoot.

Our goal has always been to bring Premier League to Singaporeans with an immersive, feature-rich, and multi-platform OTT service, for the first time in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. We made the “Football for All” promise to fans in Singapore – to offer a ground-breaking Premier League service, at a fraction of the price it was offered at in previous seasons. Premier League is core to our Infinity Play vision of enriching our customers’ lives with an infinite continuum of innovative services. With our Premier League OTT service, we remove the boundaries between screens, allowing customers to stream the competition flexibly anytime, anywhere, and across any network, according to preferences.

Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount for us. We will continue to work with any of our customers that face issues, listen to their valuable feedback, learn and work relentlessly with them to deliver a smooth streaming Premier League experience for all.