07 July 2022

We are heartened and humbled by our customers’ recognition in the CSISG 2022. With their continued support, we took pole position in both Mobile and TV, while our Broadband score held strong amid fierce competition, differentiated by small percentage points among all three operators.

Our unwavering dedication to delivering a world-class experience for our customers underscores all we do. In the past year, we intensified efforts to ensure we keep up with our customers’ changing preferences, especially for Mobile and TV – by doubling down on our TV transformation journey with Premier+ that will offer an immersive Premier League viewing experience, delivered with many new features and unmatched flexibility; and switching on 5G Standalone coverage across Singapore for customers to enjoy enhanced mobile speeds. 

We have augmented our Broadband products and services by forging partnerships with top networking hardware companies, and will continue to do so, to satisfy our customers’ connectivity needs through an unsurpassed digital experience.

StarHub is committed to delivering high levels of satisfaction to all our customers, and our scores in the CSISG 2022 will push us to continue refreshing the way we engage customers, build deeper relationships, and create new experiences that enrich their lives.