Terms & Conditions -
Samsung Galaxy S Series Pre-order


  1. Pre-order of the Handset is subject to your mobile services eligibility for sign up/renewal and is not transferable.
  2. Pre-order of Handsets is on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to stock availability.
  3. Once your order is submitted successfully, you will not be allowed to make any changes or resubmit another order.
  4. Only eligible mobile lines are allowed for pre-order.
  5. In the event that you are not available to receive the Handset you have booked (and accessories, if applicable) at the chosen delivery date and time slot or if it is not collected within your selected date & timeslots, we shall reserve the right to forfeit your Handset and to release the same to other Customers. StarHub shall have no liability to you under such circumstances.
  6. The Early Recontract Scheme is applicable to you if you are renewing your mobile service between the 13th to 21st month of your mobile contract. If you do so, you will be subject to an Early Recontract Fee of $300.
  7. Customers holding Student Passes, S Passes or Work Permits are required to pay a deposit of amount between $200 and $800 for their postpaid mobile sign-up.
  8. The applicable handset pricing for the Handset is conditional on your signing up for a 2-year StarHub Mobile voice subscription contract.
  9. All outstanding balance(s) of your account(s) with StarHub and/or its Affiliates must be paid in full prior to pre-order for the Handset.
  10. Trade-in of mobile handset will not be applicable for this online pre-order.
  11. StarHub Rewards and Gift vouchers are not applicable for this online pre-order.
  12. Pre-order of handset is not available with other discounts, promotions, special packages or offers, unless specified by StarHub.
  13. StarHub General Terms and Conditions, as well as terms and conditions for mobile services sign up, promotional and info-communication service apply.


Delivery Terms & Conditions
  1. Please note that a full payment for the Handset, Early Recontract Fee and/or deposit (whichever applicable) is required for delivery option. Once payment is made, order is considered final, no change/refund is allowed thereafter.
  2. Subscriber must be present in person with a print out of the order email confirmation and original NRIC/FIN during delivery to receive the Handset and sign the mobile service contract, otherwise the delivery will be aborted.
  3. Delivery is within main Singapore island from 10 to 11 February 2023 only.
  4. Reschedule of delivery will be allowed at a charge of $12.84 per truck roll. Notwithstanding such arrangement, StarHub gives no assurance to you that Handset for which payment has been made and which remain undelivered after the agreed delivery date, remain in stock.
  5. In the event that additional deposit is required, we may schedule (or re-schedule) your delivery to allow for the deposit collection.
  6. Commencement of 2-year mobile subscription fees
    1. Port-in/ New sign-ups: Your 2-year mobile contract and selected subscription fees will commence on the date of successful delivery of your handset.
    2. Re-contract: Your 2-year mobile contract and selected subscription fees will commence on the date of successful completion of your online applicable. For SmartSupport subscribers: Your SmartSupport coverage will commence on the date of successful delivery of your handset.
  7. We may, at our absolute discretion, use a third-party delivery contractor to deliver the Products to you and that delivery of the Products will be subject to the terms and conditions of contract between us and the delivery contractor.
  8. Any delivery times quoted by us are only estimates and no guarantee or warranty is made by us or our delivery contractor that an order will be delivered with the quoted delivery times. We will not be liable for any delay in delivery of any Products or Services, howsoever caused.
  9. Delivery service does not include device set-up, configuration and/or data transfer. Customers may approach the handset manufacturer for any assistance.
  10. StarHub reserves the right to reject any order, by notification and shall have no liability to you under such circumstances.


Monthly Equipment Instalment Plan


  1. This is a payment option offered to selected customers for selected devices and mobile price plans.
  2. Customers who are eligible and have enrolled in the Instalment Payment will be allowed to pay the price of selected mobile device ("Purchase Price") over a period of 12 or 24 months with any Mobile+ $69/$99/$129/$169 2-year plan, 4G $45/$55 2-year plan, Mobile+ $38/$45 SIM only 1-year plans, 4G $25 SIM only plan or SIM only 1-year plan. 
  3. This payment option is not applicable to SIM Only plans, Bill Rebates and Business customers.
  4. Offer is mutually exclusive and is not applicable with any other recontract vouchers, handset vouchers, trade-ins, discounts or promotions, unless otherwise stated.
  5. The Purchase Price will be charged in instalments through the monthly postpaid bill and the customer shall pay the instalments on time.
  6. StarHub reserves the right to (i) determine your eligibility to participate in the Instalment Plan; and (ii) select the mobile device that is eligible for the Instalment Plan.
  7. Full set of Mobile Promotions Terms and Conditions at www.starhub.com/mobiletnc.