07 July 2006
  • StarHub celebrates the first anniversary of Demand TV [1] with a free preview of Korean box-office hit, “The Art of Seduction”
  • StarHub offers a trio of romantic movies with “Passionate Affairs” Pass - a special Demand TV pass
Singapore, 7July 2006 – Fans of Son Ye-Jin (“April Snow”) and Song II-Guk (“Ghost Train”) will be able to catch their idols in the Korean romantic comedy, “The Art of Seduction” (rated PG) when it premieres on StarHub’s Demand TV on 10 July 2006. The movie was a box-office hit when it premiered in theatres worldwide in April this year, and will be made available free for two weeks, from 10 to 24 July 2006 to all StarHub Digital Cable customers using the digital set-top box.

To enjoy the free movie, viewers simply need to press the ‘ppv.vod’ button on the remote control, select their preferred viewing slot for “The Art of Seduction”, and call 1800-8233838 to provide their customer details via an automated voice response system[2].

“The Art of Seduction” will be aired in its original Korean language, with English and Chinese subtitles. In the movie, Son and Song play veteran seducers, who treat courtship as a game. Members of the opposite sex succumb quickly to their spell, and the hapless victims are then quickly dumped as the seducers eye their next prey. When the two protagonists meet and fall for each other, they realise that they have met their match in the dating game. A chaotic and hilarious process ensues as they pit their skills of seduction against the other.

Following the free preview of “The Art of Seduction”, Demand TV will continue with its theme of passion for the month of August with the launch of the “Passionate Affairs” Pass - a special Demand TV pass. Fans of Korean hunks Bae Yong-Jun, Ji Jin-Hee and Thailand’s Andy-Watchra Thungkaprasert can catch their idols in “Untold Scandal”, “Bewitching Attraction” and “The Sin” respectively, via Demand TV. All three movies are rated 18 and will be aired with English and Chinese subtitles via StarHub Digital Cable channels 120 to 124.

Viewers can watch all three romantic dramas multiple times from 7 to 21 August 2006, simply by calling 1800 8233838 or 1633 from 24 July 2006 onwards to purchase the “Passionate Affairs” Pass. At a one-off fee of $12.60 (with GST), the Pass gives fans of the movies more value for their money, as each of these movies are separately priced at $4.73 (with GST) for a one-time viewing.

“Untold Scandal” and “The Sin” were very well-received when they first aired on Demand TV, and there have been requests from viewers for an encore telecast of these movies.

“Bewitching Attraction” is Ji Jin-Hee’s (“Jewel in the Palace”) debut in a sexy comedy. The movie saw its theatrical release in May this year, and premieres on Demand TV on 7 August 2006. In the movie, Eun Sook (Moon So-Ri), a charming female professor in a University, and Suk Gyu (Ji Jin-Hee), a popular comic book artist, join an environmental awareness group. Suk Gyu, the most attractive male member in the group, draws the jealously of fellow members who have affections for Eun Sook. As romance develops between the two leads, it is uncovered that they share a tragic past.

[1] Demand TV was launched by StarHub on 28 June 2005. It is Singapore's only Near Video-On-Demand service on television that gives movie buffs a convenient option to watch recently released movies, exclusive sports programmes and highly rated anime serials in the comfort of their homes.  StarHub's Digital Cable customers using the digital set-top box can select a programme, a preferred viewing slot and pay only for what they choose to watch.

[2] Customers who call 1633 to provision the movie will be billed a $1 administrative fee.