28 February 2008

Singapore, 28 February 2008 – Following the 6-star treat in January this year, StarHub has more good news for its customers. From 3 March 2008, a new 24-hour Mandarin news channel – TVBS-NEWS will be added to StarHub Digital Cable’s Chinese Entertainment Basic Group at no additional cost! This is also the first Mandarin news channel introduced on its basic tier.

TVBS-NEWS (Channel 49), one of the most popular news channels in Taiwan, specialises in global coverage of major news events. With correspondents in major cities all over the world and alliances with other global broadcasting media, the channel is able to bring instant world news to its viewers. News programmes, tailored to suit local and overseas viewers, are hosted by a team of experienced news anchors including Fang Nien-Hwa, Lee Si Duan, Zhan Yi-Yi, and Zhan Qing Ling.

Mr Mike Reynolds, StarHub’s President said, "TVBS-NEWS not only enhances the suite of TVB channels on StarHub, but also further strengthens StarHub Digital Cable’s Chinese offerings. With a total of 22 Mandarin channels and one Cantonese Channel, customers can now choose from a wide variety of Chinese programmes, ranging from dramas, lifestyle, music, variety to news and current affairs."

In addition to TVBS-NEWS, StarHub Digital Cable also offers other top news channels including BBC World (Ch 13), Bloomberg Television (Ch 25), CCTV-9 (Ch 97), CNN (Ch 14), CNN Headlines News (Ch 93), CNBC (Ch 15), Eurosportnews (Ch 114), Phoenix InfoNews Channel (Ch 106) and Sky News (Ch 92), giving StarHub Digital Cable customers access to the latest and top news stories around the world and in the region.

The launch of TVBS-NEWS further augments StarHub Digital Cable’s compelling suite of TVB content with its global and regional news coverage and current affairs programmes. Other TVB channels currently available exclusively on StarHub include TVBJ (Ch 48) which is the first Cantonese channel in Singapore; TVB Xing He Channel (Ch 112) and TVB Classic Channel (Ch 113) which provide hours of highly-rated TVB dramas; TVBS-ASIA (Ch 54) and TVB8 (Ch 53) which offer infotainment programmes, music programmes and dramas. Fans of Hong Kong-produced dramas can also enjoy TVB drama series on StarHub’s self-packaged channel, VV Drama (Ch 55), as well as on the Demand TV and ;Play Video platforms.

"We are excited to introduce TVBS-NEWS to the Singapore market. The new channel will bring the total number of TVB channels on StarHub to six. TVBS-NEWS, one of the top cable news channels in Taiwan, packages its news to cater to viewers globally. We are confident that the new channel will appeal to Singapore audience too," said Mr George Chan, TVBI’s Assistant Managing Director.

Besides TVBS-NEWS, Chinese Entertainment Basic Group customers also enjoy quality Chinese programming from E City (Ch 56), E City (+2) (Ch 256), STAR CHINESE CHANNEL (Ch 46), and TVB8 (Ch 53).