Singapore, 23 January 2008 – Movie lovers will be glad to know that more movies will be coming soon to the television screens! Come 25 January 2008, StarHub will launch a new movie channel – STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2.

STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2, to be aired over Channel 63, is a 24-hour Chinese movie channel offering commercial-free classic blockbusters by Asian superstars and renowned film directors. STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2 showcases the best movies from the Golden Age of Hong Kong productions from the 1970s to 1990s. The addition of STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2 to StarHub’s line-up will complement StarHub’s existing dedicated Chinese movie channels – STAR CHINESE MOVIES (Channel 62) and Celestial Movies (Channel 61).

From 25 January, STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2 will be grouped with STAR CHINESE MOVIES to form a STAR CHINESE MOVIES PACK. It will be priced at $12 ($12.84 with GST) per month. STAR CHINESE MOVIES will continue to be available as an individual channel at $8 ($8.56 with GST) monthly.

Mr Patrick Lim, StarHub’s Vice President of Cable TV Services said, "We are always on the lookout for quality content to be added to our line-up and to provide more value-for-money packages for our customers. With the new STAR CHINESE MOVIES PACK, customers are able to enjoy a greater variety of movies from both STAR CHINESE MOVIES and STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2."

STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2 viewers can expect movies starring Bruce Lee (Fist of Fury, Game Of Death), Jackie Chan (Police Story series), Stephen Chow (Royal Tramp series), Jet Li (Master Wong Fei Hung series), Chow Yun Fat (An Autumn's Tale), and reminisce classic blockbusters that were directed by John Woo (Bullet In The Head), Tsui Hark (Zu - Warriors From The Magic Mountain) and many more. The channel will also showcase themed-movie months such as "Kung Fu Film Month" and "Hong Kong Film Awards Month".

Some other titles to look out for include the comic The Royal Scoundrel (starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Ng Man Tat), romantic Dream Lovers (starring Chow Yun Fat and Brigitte Lin) and action-packed Brotherhood (starring Alex Man and Danny Lee).

From 25 January, customer with a digital set-top box, HubStation or a HD set-top box who subscribes to STAR CHINESE MOVIE PACK can enjoy a 50% discount off their monthly subscription of this pack for the first three months. Existing STAR CHINESE MOVIES subscribers can upgrade to STAR CHINESE MOVIES PACK with an additional of $2.14 per month (usual price: $4.28 per month).

Existing customers can call 1633 to subscribe to STAR CHINESE MOVIES PACK while new customers can call 1630 to sign up from 25 January.