Singapore, 19 July 2008 – StarHub, a principal partner of this year’s National Day Parade (NDP), celebrated Singapore’s birthday with friends from the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) this evening by inviting 20 wheelchair-bound clients of SPD to attend a special NDP National Education Show.

StarHub had specially reserved a section at the Marina Bay Seating Gallery that is handicapped-friendly, as well as arranged for vehicles to ferry SPD clients to and from the show.

20 StarHub employees assisted their SPD friends throughout the evening, and joined hands with them as everyone immersed themselves in the festivities. This initiative is in line with StarHub’s belief in widening the visions of the less fortunate. It is also part of StarHub’s efforts to promote volunteerism among its employees.

Ms Jeannie Ong, StarHub’s Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, said, “NDP should be enjoyed by Singaporeans from all walks of life and regardless of their physical condition.  We are fortunate to be able to provide this opportunity to our physically disabled friends from SPD, for them to experience the vivid sights and sounds of the National Day celebrations. Our StarHubber volunteers are also enriched by this sharing experience, as we come together to celebrate the meaning of nation-building.”

Ms Loi Boon Lee, Director of Community Partnerships at SPD, said, “StarHub has been a faithful supporter of the SPD over the years. The charity sector has weathered many upheavals in recent times, and we are thankful for StarHub’s belief in our mission to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. We are also very pleased to be invited by StarHub to the National Day celebrations. Our physically disabled clients who attended the event particularly enjoyed the dance segment performed by the wheelchair-bound. It inspired them, and they are glad to witness how the disabled can lead active, happy lives.”

To mark the occasion and to celebrate Singapore’s 43rd birthday, StarHub also donated $43,000 from its Sparks Fund to support SPD’s IT Apprenticeship Programme. The donation, which was made through the StarHub Sparks Fund, will help fund the services of professional trainers to teach people with disabilities practical skills to prepare them for future employment.

Since StarHub was established in 2000, the company has donated some $5 million to help the less unfortunate.

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