31 March 2008


Singapore, 31 March 2008 StarHub Mobile post-paid customers will now enjoy flat-rate pay-per-day data roaming, for email access, data transmission or Internet surfing from their mobile devices when travelling out of Singapore.

Launched today, the daily flat-rate data roaming service allows customers to use mobile data in an affordable and predictable way when they are overseas. Unlike other monthly data roaming plans in the market, the pay-per-day flat rate data roaming service does not require a monthly subscription, and caters to customers with varying data usage when roaming.

This service is highly flexible as customers are charged as and only when mobile data access is needed. Hence, if he did not use any mobile data on a particular day, he will not be charged at all. At a daily maximum charge of S$30, if the customer's mobile data consumption is below this cap, he will pay on a per kilobyte basis. No additional charges will be billed for data consumption beyond the price cap. So, whether the customer will have heavy or light data usage on that day, he will always find the service cost effective.

In addition, the pay-per-day data roaming flat-rate service offers ease-of-use and convenience to customers as they can enjoy data services anytime, anywhere, instead of in the confines of their hotel rooms.

"Today, most of us will log in to the hotel's daily unlimited broadband service when we check in to a hotel.  This, however, limits our usage within the confines of the hotel or even the hotel room. StarHub's pay-per-day roaming flat-rate service frees our customers from using mobile data within the hotel's confine, at a very competitive rate!" said Mr Adit Harinasuta, StarHub's Head of Services and Solutions. "We believe that this customer-friendly and cost-effective daily flat-rate data roaming service will give customers complete peace of mind, as well as maximum freedom and flexibility of mobile data usage when roaming."

At launch, the pay-per-day data roaming flat-rate service will be available in six destinations with a Conexus Mobile Alliance network. They are namely, Taiwan (Far EasTone), Hong Kong (Hutchison Telecommunications), Japan (NTT DoCoMo), South Korea (KTF), The Philippines (Smart Communications) and Indonesia (PT Indosat). In addition, customers also enjoy a 50 per cent discount for mobile data access, at S$0.01 per kilobyte at these destinations.

For more information, visit www.starhub.com/mobile.